Our Favorite London Things to Do

Is London on your list of travel destinations any time soon? Between work and pleasure trips, we’ve visited three times and keep uncovering new and fun things to do. Here’s a look at some of our favorites.

Visit the World-class Museums
The world’s best museums are located in London and those that you cannot afford to miss are Victoria and Albert Museum, the British Museum, the Design Museum, the Tate Modern, and the Science Museum. Most of these museums are free to enter and you can easily go through all of them in a short time. Museums are just the tip of the rich cultural heritage of London but to see more, world-class exhibitions, historic houses and art galleries are interesting places to tour. One of the reasons that London is the world’s culture destination is its free entry policies to most areas. Unless there is a special audience collection on display, expect to walk in and out of more cultural centers as many times as you please.

Tour the Tower of London
Among the attractions that both young and old would love to see are the Tower of London that identifies with the Norman Conquest of 1066. Among the many landmarks of London, this is one of the most notable and recognizable. Consider your visit to the tower incomplete if you do not join in a Beefeater tour to learn the secrets, dark tales, and scandals.

Visit Westminster Abbey
Perhaps the Westminster Abbey would be world renowned having been named as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Visit the site and start checking your list of heritage sites you are yet to visit.

Tower Bridge

Try fish and chips
England isn’t exactly known for its food, but one dish they do better than anywhere else (or at least anywhere we’ve been) is fish and chips. Crispy and beer-battered, fish and chips makes an excellent pub meal and is one of our favorite things to eat in England. Try the obligatory side of mushy peas, too. They’re better than they sound.

Check out a food tour
As I said, England isn’t exactly known for its food, but — believe it or not — it is actually home to some great food tours. You can check out the amazing Indian specialties on Brick Lane or try the multi-ethnic food of international SoHo. It’s a great way to explore the city’s neighborhoods with a local and try foods you might otherwise miss.

Cruise the Thames
Cruising down the Thames, one can get a glimpse of the iconic Big Ben landmark, Tower Bridge, and the Houses of parliament.

Take a Walking Tour
If you are in for an adventure where you will do some walking, join the numerous walking tours that happen around London frequently.

Visit Borough Market

Food markets are our favorite in just about every city we visit. It’s an opportunity to see locals and tourists and to try lots of different bites. The atmosphere of markets is also always fun and colorful — people are just happy when they’re shopping and trying good food.

See the Changing of the Guard
At 11:30am any day, you can witness the pomp and circumstance that has been repeated thousands of times over the years. This activity is so popular that there is always a massive crowd waiting to see it happening.

Stop in Fortnum & Mason
This London institution is a fun place to shop or to stop for a bite to eat and rest your feet. The teas, chocolates, and more at Fortum and Mason are top-notch. They don’t come at a bargain price, but you do get what you pay for. The displays are also second-to-none, so it’s worth a stop even if you have no intention of buying anything.

Visit Buckingham Palace
Do you know that visitors can actually peek inside the palace? Yes! Every summer, the queen goes to her Scotland palace and the rooms in London are free for visitors to tour.

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