Sunday, November 30, 2014

American Girl Books for History Homeschool

American Girl's BeForever line of historical dolls, books, and related accessories. (Photo: Business Wire)

If your child is learning about American History and enjoys American Girl Dolls you may want to check out their Historical Fiction series.  I would recommend these books especially if you are homeschooling since there are so many activities that you can expand on from the books. Classical Conversations has a list of different periods of history corresponding with the different dolls and books for each week of learning!

We are working on Samantha (1904). Visit here to check out all of the books and even play games with the American Girl dolls.

Here are some listed below: 

Kaya, 1764

Felicity Merriman, 1774

Caroline Abbott, 1812

Josefina Montoya, 1824

Marie-Grace Gardner, 1853

Kirsten Larson, 1854

Addy Walker, 1864

Samantha Parkington, 1904

Kit Kittredge, 1934

Molly McIntire, 1944

*disclaimer: Mom's Best Bets received a "Be Forever" book to aid with this review

Art Class for Kids in Hawaii

I made this quick collage on my iphone while waiting for my daughter in her art class. It's hard not to be inspired with this kind of beauty all around you! 
There are many art classes for children all over the island of Oahu.  Three classes that I recommend are:
Hawaii Academy of Art, Kroc Center, and Adventures in Art.  

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