Monday, January 6, 2014

Take Along Bouncer from Tiny Love

Here is my baby love enjoying watching me cook dinner from her Take Along Bouncer Seat!

During the Holidays we were on the go a lot.  Living in Hawaii also means plenty of outdoor parks and beach days as well as Christmas shopping trips all with a 4 month old in tow.

One thing that makes going out with new babies difficult is all of the lugging and carrying. There are so many baby accessories to haul with you and most moms can attest just how heavy the average car seat is.  

My baby likes to see everything around her and preferably in an upright position.  This is one reason why one baby seat I have depended on is Tiny Love's Take-Along Bouncer. 

It's so lightweight that I can carry it and the baby together.  We brought it to the beach, outside in the yard and actually I don't just use it to travel with.  I keep it in my house and replaced a much more expensive bouncer seat.  The reason was the other seat was too heavy to be lugging around the house and the baby wanted to be where I am so Tiny Love Take-Along Bouncer was perfect for this.


  • Incredibly easy to fold & carry.

  • Requires no assembly.

  • Perfect both for indoor & outdoor use.

  • Features fun bouncing movements.

  • Stylishly designed with chic red fabric and comes with a bonus carry bag.

BUY it here for $44.99


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