Wednesday, July 10, 2013

No VOC's Chalkboard Paint

Looking to paint the nursery, your home school space, or playroom this summer?  Most paints you can by in your local hardware store contain high VOC's and chemicals that aren't good to be breathing in while you are painting and for a time afterwards while it's off gasing.  Lullaby Paints contain no VOC's or solvents! 

They even make chalkboard paint!  Offered in sixteen colors to accent any room, Chalkboard Paints provide a wonderful canvas for children to express their creative instincts. The low-sheen finish is ideal for all kinds of chalks and is fully washable to make masterpiece after masterpiece after masterpiece.

Here's the kit that you can order for $29.95


Sufficient to paint a chalkboard of 30 sq/ft with two coats


A short handle roller with a 3” foam head


4” roller tray


3 pieces


1” x 24’ roll
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