Saturday, June 22, 2013

Zucchini Boats for Summer Cooking

The last one left...not for long...

Yummy! Zucchini Boats are just yummy and a lot of fun to eat and make. I enjoy making these for my daughter. 
They are also an excellent source of manganese, vitamin C,magnesiumvitamin Afiberpotassiumfolatecopper,riboflavin, and phosphorus. 

When purchasing zucchini, look for ones that are heavy, shiny, and an average size (not overly big or small). 
There are many different recipes for Zucchini Boats. Some use tomato sauce and others will go more heavy on the stuffing.  I like it to be loaded with zucchini and flavoring with just a bit of stuffing mix to give it the crunchy top.  I used Arrowhead Mills Organic stuffing mix. You can Google a recipe, but I use my mom's recipe which is heavenly!  

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Ameda Double Electric Breast Pump Review

Ameda. Mom Inspired. Hospital Trusted.

Looking for a breast pump? Whether you are returning to work or want a fast and easy pumping experience, the Ameda Purely Yours Ultra double electric breast pump, designed for daily use, is the ideal breast pump. The Ameda HygieniKit®Milk Collection System included with the pump allows a mother to double pump to save time. Studies find that double pumping can also help increase milk supply.

The breast pump is portable and lightweight, making it convenient to transport. The Purely Yours Ultra comes with a stylish, faux leather tote bag.The breast pump isportable and lightweight, making it convenient to transport. The Purely Yours Ultra comes with a stylish, faux leather tote bag.

Why I like it?

  • The milk does not go through any tubes and it's easy to wash.
  • Love the black bag it comes in which makes it portable and stylish
  • It's very fast and also gives you the ability to change suction settings 
  • You can use it with almost any bottle!
  • It's cheaper than competitors
  • It's BPA free!

The Difference

Purity. Ameda has the world’s only breast pump kit with a proven protective barrier. Proven Airlock Protection™ keeps tubing dry by preventing air flow between the expressed milk and pump tubing while pumping.

Comfort. The Ameda CustomFit Flange System™ makes it easy to find a good breast flange fit by offering seven breast flange sizes that adapt to all Ameda breast pumps and kits.

Ease. Ameda breast pumps feature fully independent CustomControl™ settings for speed and suction. 

BUY it HERE for $179.33 FREE Shipping !

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

BECO Gemini Baby Carrier

Product Photo

The second question I hear asked the most is what baby carrier is the best (The first is what stroller is the best). There are some great baby carriers out there now and BECO tops the list for me and many other parents.

Designed by a babywearing parent, active sailor and rock climber, Gabby Caperon. Beco combines perfect ergonomics, excellent weight distribution and stylish design from top quality fabrics.

Product Photo

I haven't tried their newest Soleil carrier, but opted instead for the Gemini.
The Gemini is more versatile then other baby carriers I have tried because baby can be carried in the front (facing in and out), back, and hip. As your baby grows they may want to face out and if you have a carrier without this option you will have to purchase a whole new carrier. The Beco has snaps that you can easily fold the outer corners inward and snap it shut. Babies can then be moved to face outward in a few seconds. 

Because of it's versatility, comfortable feel, and Eco appeal I think BECO is one of the best carriers for new moms.

I have the beautifully designed:

BECO flower lace print in white over deep purple. Pale yellow swallows.
White polkadots on light turquoise background.
Grey floral border.
Comes with black straps.
100% Cotton.

About gemini

Each baby carrier comes with:

  • Foldable head rest 
  • Adjustable base for growing baby 
  • Instructional booklet 
Shell: 100% Cotton
Fill: 100% Polyurethane (body & shoulder foam), 100% polyethylene (waist foam). Flame retardants free.
Packaging: 100% recycled content, printed with soy based inks

Buy it here
Price: $130.00
Product Zoom
Product Zoom

Monday, June 17, 2013

Recycled Cup Holder Craft for Kids!

A few weeks ago when we were staying at a hotel and sipping coffee on the veranda, my daughter spied our bright hot pink sleeves around our coffee cups. She loves everything pink and wanted to take them home instead of throwing them out. We agreed, while she collected them and packed them up.
After asking for some tape (one of her favorite things to play with :)) She held up the most beautiful flower that she carefully taped together using the cup holder
sleeves. We were impressed with her idea and proudly hung it in her playroom!
Children love to recycle..sometimes they just don't know they are doing it. I would love to hear your child's latest creation, please share below.
Have a sunny and creative day!

Almond flour chocolate macaroon recipe

These were gone in a flash-so yummy
On a recent trip to the store my daughter spied colorful macaroons in the dessert section.  She wanted to try chocolate flavored, so I decided to search for a recipe using almond flour.  I just used a simple filling without the chocolate ganache which was really good.  If you use almond meal it will have more of a nutty texture and almond flour will be smoother.

Recipe from Chow:

For the macarons:

  • 2 cups powdered sugar
  • 1 cup almond flour or almond meal
  • 3 tablespoons natural unsweetened cocoa powder
  • 1/4 teaspoon fine salt
  • 3 large egg whites, at room temperature
  • Pinch cream of tartar
  • 3 tablespoons granulated sugar

For the ganache filling:

  • 4 ounces bittersweet chocolate, finely chopped
  • 1/2 cup heavy cream
  • 2 tablespoons unsalted butter (1/4 stick), at room temperature and cut into cubes

Monday, June 10, 2013

Vegan Cuts Snack Box Review

Are you vegan or are you looking for healthier snacks for your kids? Vegan Cuts offers these snacks every month for your kids and family.

I'm not vegan but was willing to try some of their snacks.  You get between 7-10 products in your box. They range from sweet to salty and include things like popcorn, health bars, crunchy dried chick peas, teas etc.  I enjoyed trying some of their new products.  I was happy to see that some were organic, gluten free and contained healthy oils such as coconut oil.  

It costs $19.95 per month.  Visit Vegan Cuts today to order or see what other healthy products they carry!


Organic Cotton Nursing Pillow

There are a lot of nursing pillow options out there.  Besides giving support to breastfeeding, the nursing pillow is also cradling your new baby.  For me making sure the pillow is free of chemicals is a must.   I found out that there are a lot of pillows in stores that have an organic cover but the filling is synthetic and may even contain flame retardants.  

Organic Caboose is a wonderful online store that sells organic, made in the USA products.  I stumbled upon them while googling "organic nursing pillows."  They are one of the only shops online that carry an organic nursing pillow that is wool free.  I am very happy with mine.  It feels supportive but with a nice cushion feel.

This nursing pillow is covered and hand-stuffed with pure American-grown organic cotton. The thoughtful design allows plenty of room to hold baby. It makes a wonderful lift to nurture or feed baby while caregiver is sitting. Size: 25"x16"x6" Weight: about 2 lbs. Zippered pillow cover sold separately. Made in USA.

  • Pure American-grown organic cotton (three adorable prints to choose from)
  • Hand-stuffed
  • Thoughtfully designed by a nurse
  • Made in USA

    The Retail Price is $73.99 but with Organic Caboose you save $10.00 and pay
  • Buy it here or browse their shop for other organic finds!

    Educational Videos for Kids by Kidobi

    Get instant access to thousands of educational and fun videos for preschoolers. Kidobi creates video playlists that are uniquely tailored to your child's interests.

    Once you register you have access to hundreds of videos that are categorized by subject, age, and interest. The picture below is a screen shot of a Daniel Cook video where he visits a paleontologist and digs for dinosaur bones.

    What a great way to keep learning this summer!  Your children can be singing and dancing to these catchy tunes while they are learning shapes and colors up to science facts and multiplication. 

    This is a video about firetrucks that my daughter really enjoyed.
    Also, I found lots of Spanish videos dealing with social, math, language and more. My daughter loves the cute, fun, and educational videos provided by Kidobi.  You can find Kidobi, and here iPad. 

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