Tuesday, April 30, 2013

I Feel Chico Rocker Baby Review

I-Feel Bouncer Blue

I feel Chicco Rocker

This rocker is sleek, modern, and looks great anywhere.  Most baby products are plastic, plastic, and more plastic mixed with loud colors.  It's refreshing to see this wood rocking base and aluminum frame   The Chicco rocker also comes in beautiful colors including a soft green (see below) blue, tan, and grey.  

Besides it's look that I love, I also liked how easy it was to assemble.   It took less 10 minutes and I quickly saw that  it can recline with 3 position options.  

I hooked up my mp3 player and played some relaxing music while I saw the LED light give off pretty colors.   You can also choose from pre-recorded nature sounds and other soothing music for baby.  

I washed the seat and it turned out perfect and I was able to slip the seat cushion back on pretty easily.  


  • Mp3 player hook‐up allows baby to have her own soundtrack
  • Color‐changing LED lights and a playful soft toy engage baby’s attention
  • Nature sounds, melodies and playful sound effects stimulate baby’s hearing
  • Easy one‐hand recline adjustment
  • Built‐in rocking motion stoppers
  • Soft infant insert is easy to remove and clean
  • Folds flat for storage
The little bird hanging down is really sweet too.  My older daughter loved it as well. She quickly was able to manipulate the sounds and position settings. 
Your MP3 player connects here and then tucks away in this pocket.

My three favorite featured are the modern look, the 3 seat positions, and the melodies you can play for baby.
You can buy this rocker many places on the Internet and in stores by you such as Target for $119.99

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Carter's New Summer Line for Babies and Kids

Summer is right around the corner and Carter's  has your baby and little one covered for the coolest and cutest clothing. Here are some pictures I took of their new summer line for girls:
I love this 2-piece featuring a soft bright top paired with white leggings.

This little navy blue and white stripped creeper is super cute as well.  
Perfect for July 4th!
This is the same style creeper as above but in coral pink and white stripes.
A 2-piece ensemble that features a sleeveless blue and white blouse with matching blue pants.
The pink stripe on the top makes it pop.

Visit Carter's near you or shop online here they are having some great sales!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Lamaze Shearamy the Sheep

I'm a big fan of Lamaze toys.  They are bright, interactive, and babies just love them.

Isn't she cute?  There is a rattle sound inside her belly and her feet and ears make a crackle sound when you grab them.  I also love that the bottom of the feet are black and white which babies can see even clearer than colors.  Part of her stomach is furry (like a sheep) and the other part is silky which gives the baby different textures to feel and explore.  The eyes are big and happy and there are teething rings that hang off the back.  The large clip on the top makes it east to clip to any stroller, highchair, baby seat, or crib.  

You can buy Shearamy the Sheep for $14.99 at Toys R Us.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Undercover Mama Giveaway

Now you can wear all of your favorite tops for nursing with Undercover Mama.  The undercover mama tank goes underneath (see picture below)

Basic Essential Colors

The tank is a quality material. I was skeptical at first and figured it would bunch up and give a lumpy look.  But it doesn't. The tank stays in place as long as you buy the right size. It should fit snugly since you are wearing another shirt over the top. I also like that it has some length which gives a nice layered look to your outfit!

BUY IT: $24.99
Want to win one? Undercover Mama is giving away 1 tank (basic colors to choose from) to one Mom's Best Bet reader!
To Enter: Visit Undercover Mama and tell me what color tank you would like to win!

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*This contest ends 5/10 at 11:59 pm Pacific Time.
Winner will be notified via email.Open to USA and Canada only.

*Product provided for review purposes. All opinions are Mom's Best Bets

Monday, April 15, 2013

Hawaii Boutiques and Designers

With designer names like Tommy Bahama, Banana Jack, Reyn Spooner, and Hilo Hattie, the iconic aloha shirt has become synonymous with the Hawaiian lifestyle. 

It is bright, cheery, and screams vacation.  I personally love aloha shirts but Hawaiian fashion is so much more for the modern fashionista. Talented Hawaii fashion designers are popping up all over and I am thrilled that their peices have   aloha with a whole lot of style. 
Check out these recycled vintage tops from Muumuu Heaven

Such wearable, comfortable and flattering dresses from Fighting Eel (I have a few and wear them all of the time)

Anne Namba's line is one-of-a-kind garments made from vintage Japanese kimonos and obis, reflecting the Asian culture present in Hawaii.

Momzelle Criss-Cross Nursing Tee Review

Nursing Tops

Christine Poirier, Mom and co-founder of Momzelle created her own nursing top in order to feel comfortable breastfeeding in public settings. Nine months later, she co-founded Momzelle breastfeeding apparel.

Camilia Criss-Cross Tee

They have many styles to choose from but I like this criss-cross style the best.  Apparently, so do a lot of other moms if you check out their reviews on this shirt.  This criss-cross nursing top is very cute and easy to use. No one will know it is a nursing top.  The coral color is perfect for Spring and Summer months as it's bright and with a breathable fabric.  I also want to note that the style is also very flattering and slimming which is a bonus for a new mom on the go with her baby. 

Fabric : 94 % Cotton, 6 % Spandex

- Designed to flatter the postpartum figure
- Universal breast openings ensure discreet and comfortable breastfeeding experience
- Longer through the body
- Adjusted width at the hips
- Sleek look
- Comfortable feel
They also have some beautiful nursing dresses to choose from as well. Take a peak: 
Browse today or buy yours here:

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Babba Activity Box for Kids

What's in your Babba Box?

Have you ever woken up on a Saturday morning and thought, “Okay. Four hours until naptime. What am I going to do today?” Or struggled to keep the kids away from the TV or iPad while preparing dinner?
Each month the BabbaBox delivers...
  • TV-Free Mornings - Super fun activities that help you cut back on screen time
  • Sanity Saving Weeknight Activities - Enriching projects your little ones can do more independently so you can multitask
  • Purposeful Weekend Play - A different mix every month. Books, games, puzzles, imaginative play, sensory activities and more!
  • Story time - Books that will delight them over and over

Here is our Babba Box
Inside was a music filled fun pack including a wonderful musical book, a music CD that goes along with the book, maracas and paint, a tambourine to make, and a fun scarf to dance with.
Here is my daughter painting her maracas
 Together we wove the string and bells to make the tambourine.  Then she got to add paint to customize her look.
Voila! Instant musical instruments!  Now for the best part-listening to the CD, reading the book, and playing along with her new instruments.  We had so much fun with our Babba Box.  It's perfect for little ones ages 2 and up.  The older children can help the younger ones as well.  This is really nice that the whole family can get involved.  But parents can have just as much fun.  As a teacher, I really like that there is a theme to the box with reading, sensory activities, play, and problem solving skills fostered. 
 Have fun while raising curious little thinkers…

  • Much More than Crafts – Books, projects, games, sensory activities, imaginative play, just to name a few. A different mix every month!
  • Build Confidence - We focus on providing the early building blocks that will help them develop confidence and self-esteem.
  • Develop Critical Thinking - Age appropriate projects to support pre-literacy, spark imaginative play, and encourage problem solving!

Join now and get your Babba Box to share with your little ones http://www.babbaco.com/join

Friday, April 12, 2013

My Nature Pals Stroll from Tiny Love Review

My Nature Pals Stroll $22.99

We just love the bright colors and happy faces on the My Nature Pals Stroll.
This is a perfect toy on the go that attaches to your car seat, stroller, or chair,
Babies from ages 0-12 months old will love the sound the balls make, the spinning blue flower, crunchy frog, mirrored flower, and even a friendly bee to grab.


*Caters to two stages of development:
  Batting and sensory exploration (0m+) 

  Pulling for cause & effect learning (5m+).
*Flexible arch bends forwards, backwards, up and down.
*6 different baby-activated toys for fun on-the-go.

A great toy that clips on in an instant to 
provide instant fun and helps to stimulate 
curiosity!  I think it's also great to store it in the basket of your stroller and then when baby gets a little fussy you can snap it on for the walk home!
Find this Tiny Love Baby toy here or in stores near you!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Bamboo Baby Clothing at KicKee Pants

Kickee Pants Retail Shopping
"KicKee Pants is a family run, family oriented company. They create all of their fabrications and styles based on the idea that children should feel unrestricted by their clothing, even when they are dressed up, and that apparel for little ones should celebrate the innocence of childhood!" 

They carry clothing for babies, children, and even adults!

Ruffle Footie with Paws in Candy

Similar in design to our classic footie with paws, our ruffle footies feature ruffles on the butt, down the front and on the flip of the paw for an extra feminine look. Like our footies with paws, the inside of the foot is lined with super soft fleece to keep baby's feet warm and the bottom of the foot is embroidered to avoid slipping. 

Made of 95% Bamboo Viscose, 5% Lycra
Why is Bamboo Clothing a great choice for baby?
  • Bamboo fiber is softer than the softest cotton, has a natural sheen to the surface and feels similar to silk or cashmere.
  • Bamboo absorbs water 3-4 times better than cotton, keeping skin comfortable, rather than sticky, in hot weather.
  • Bamboo stays cooler than cotton
  • Bamboo fiber clothing is naturally anti-microbial 
  • Bamboo fiber is 100% biodegradable.
  • Bamboo is a critical element in the balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere
  • Provides UV protection
This is a pretty impressive list.  Um, why are we all not wearing bamboo clothing? I have to say that this little pink footie pictured above is the softest, lightest garment in our baby closet.  It really is the best choice for a baby to feel comfortable.  I highly recommend it for those summer months as well.  Living in Hawaii means warmer temperature for us all year round so I will be looking for more bamboo outfits from KicKee Pants.  

They also have quite a few sweet things on sale now.  Check them out!  

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Radiation Affecting Babies after Fukushima Meltdown

Two years after Japan’s Fukushima Nuclear meltdown we are finally receiving some health information. Have you seen the headlines a few days ago?
"Children born after the 2011 meltdown of Japan’s Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant are at high risk of acquiring congenital hyperthyroidism if they were in the line of fire for radioactive isotopes. Just a few days after the meltdown, I-131 concentration levels in California, Hawaii, Alaska, Oregon and Washington were up to 211 times above the normal level, according to the study.

At the same time, the number of congenital hypothyroid cases skyrocketed, increasing by an average of 16 percent from March 17 to Dec. 31, 2011. And between March 17 and June 30, shortly after the meltdown, newly born children experienced a 28 percent greater risk of acquiring hyperthyroidism." Taken from Rt.com

How radiation exposure can affect people varies widely and is based on many factors. Iodine is sometimes prescribed if levels are high.

I have searched the internet looking for some natural ways that you and your family can boost your protection from radiation if you are exposed. Here is what I found:

Why your diet can help:
"Diet and your body’s susceptibility to radiation are closely entwined. Radiation and pollutants destroy vitamins A, C, E, K several N vitamins, essential fatty acids, calcium and neuro-hormones. If your body lacks calcium. Potassium and other nutrients, it will more readily absorb the radioactive elements that are similar in structure to these nutrients." (safespaceprotection.com)

1. Calcium/magnesium 

2. Vitamin A or beta carotene 

3. Coenzyme Q10 

4. Vitamin C + bioflavinoids and rutin 

5. Vitamin E 

6. Zinc 

7. Selenium 

8. Proanthocyanadins (Grape seed extract/Pycnogenol) 

9. DHEA 

10. Melatonin 

1. Chlorophyll-containing foods: barley grass and chlorella. 

2. Miso 

3. Fermented (Lactic acid) vegetables and juices 

4. Cultured (fermented) milk products: yogurt, kefir, buttermilk, unprocessed cheese. 

5. Cruciferous vegetables (cabbage, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, turnips, cabbage, spinach, cauliflower, and greens such as kale) 

6. High-fiber foods: whole grains, fruits and vegetables 

7. Foods containing a natural Vitamin A 

8. Sesame seeds – raw, ground (tahini) or in capsules. 

9. Sea vegetables and their products 

10. Bee and flower pollen 

11. Essential fatty acids, GLA and EPA aka salmon

*Information from SafeSpaceProtection.com.  See full article here
"Information for this report was excerpted from Fighting Radiation and Chemical Pollutants with Foods, Herbs and Vitamins, by Steven Schecter, N.D., and Radiation Protection Manual, Lita Lee, Ph.D."
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