Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Most Natural BPA free Baby Bottles

Adiri Nurser Fast Flow

Adiri Nurser has returned, better than ever.  I had there original design a few years ago and loved it, but did notice the leaking issue.  Well, the

Adiri Nurser is made with 100% polycarbonate-free natural like material and the shape reduces nipple confusion. This unique fill, twist & feed system uses a leak-resistant petal vent that protects your baby from ingesting extra air bubbles, which can lead to painful colic.
The best part is that once your baby has graduated from Adiri Nurser & is enjoying toddler finger snacks, the cap and warming plate can be used as a snack pot!

New mothers are always on the look out for a more "breast-like" bottle.   The shape  and feel make Adiri stand out on the shelf with it's revolutionary design.  

The breast shaped nipple encourages a natural latch and I love that it reduces air ingestion that causes gas.  You don't want a baby sucking air which occurs sometimes with bottle feeding.

You can purchase the Adiri Bottle here or find it at a retailer near you.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Kolcraft Contours 3 Wheeler Stroller

Get Fit and Walk in STYLE!
So many strollers to choose from, but which one is best? Kolcraft Contours® Options® 3 Wheeler has style while still being very affordable. I am pretty picky when it comes to strollers and I have tried out quite a few. Kolcraft has many great strollers to choose from. 
No matter what your fitness level is, this is a great stroller to start walking your little one in and getting fit for summer!

When Kolcraft sent this stroller to me, I was truly impressed with how lightweight it was and easy to collapse and fold. I love the parent tray with nice deep cup holders and a space to hold my cell phone and keys. The height adjustable canopy used for growing babies is a must.

The space underneath the strollers is pretty large and I was pleasantly surprised that I could fit my beach bag, towels, floaty, sand toys, and lunch!

The Contours Options 3 wheeler will allow for more face to face bonding time with your baby because the seat easily reverses so parents can always keep a close eye on their newborn. It also reclines fully for the sleeping baby. It looks and feels more expensive than it costs and is great for walking in the parks, shopping, or down busy city streets. This would be a great air travel stroller suitable for infants, toddlers, and those "older toddlers " who still like a ride once in a while!
It also comes with an infant car seat attachment (included) that fits most brands on the market. 

So, is there anything that I didn't like about this stroller?
I liked all of the features and they all worked for me; however, the handlebar doesn't adjust for height. I am 5'5 and it works perfectly, but if you are around 5'0 your arms may be in a more upright position.Overall, this is a smooth and fabulous ride for baby with the 8" front single swivel & 12" rear never flat wheels.
Other Features:
  • Easy trigger allows for quick fold and upright stand 
  • New Easy-Reach parent tray has deeper, ventilated cup holders 
  • Child cup holder and front bar removes quickly for in & out convenience 
  • Sunrider canopy is height adjustable! Easily adjusts to block the sun in all directions, includes peek-in window 
  • Large basket for storage 
  • Height adjustable five-point harness for safety and padded sleeves for comfort 
  • JPMA Certified 
  • Stroller weighs 25 lbs. 
  • 50 lbs. maximum child weight

  • Suggested Retail: $159.99

Baby and Toddler Hip Carrier

What's a baby hip hugger?  I was wondering the same thing.  I have used baby carriers, slings, pouches, and wraps, but this is new to me.  Does a mom need another carrying device for their infant or toddler?  Before I tried the hip hugger my answer would have been a great big no.  But, I was mistaken.  The baby hip hugger is awesome, much to my surprise.  It's so easy and comfortable to use.  You just Velcro and hook a strap around your waist.  Located above your hip is a small little seat for baby's weight to rest on while you are holding him/her...brilliant!  This way you are still holding you baby, but a mom or dad's hip doesn't have to ache through the shopping mall. 
It also comes in the cutest and I mean cutest package.  Take a look:

Perfect for a baby shower gift.
The Baby Hip Hugger is an easier, more comfortable way to carry your child. It is an essential product for a mother or anyone else that carries a child for a long period of time.
The Baby hip Hugger is the answer for those parents with tired arms but still want to hold their child close all the time.
baby hip hugger Size Guide:
Infant size- starting when they can sit their own to 10 months/22lbs
Toddler size- 10months/22lbs to 36months/40lbs
*anyone with waist size up to 40inches are recommended to use this product.*

Most children want to be held.  I see toddlers all of the time crying because mom or dad is tired of carrying them and puts them down.   Now with the Baby Hip Hugger they can be held a little longer and it's more comfortable for baby and adult.   I recommend this product for moms with infants or toddlers!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Eat Blueberries and Lose Weight

Yes, It's true...You can actually lose weight around your mid section by adding 1/2 cup of blueberries to your diet every day. Not only will they help you get trim, but they are also high in antioxidants that help fight free radicals in your body.
"Blueberries activate a gene that is responsible for burning belly fat while also turning down a gene that stores fat," describes E. Mitchell Seymour, research scientist at the University of Michigan.
Yea! That is good news because blueberries are delicious and easy to add to your day-fresh, frozen, or dried.
The picture above shows a great way my fabulous husband makes mangoes and blueberries fun for our daughter. We call it fruit checkers. It will also impress your brunch guests!
Have fun with your fruit today!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Chicken Pot Pie Casserole

Chicken Pot Pie CasseroleMy Daughter loves Chicken Pot Pie. So, when I found this recipe on a blog I was excited beacuse it looked easier than the traditional pot pie recipe I am used to. 
 I tried it tonight and it was yummy. I made some changes though. I made my own chicken stock and I also added some finely chopped parsley and kale (very little).  I also used sprouted spelt flour as well.  I only made these changes to make it even healthier but we all enjoyed it.
Visit  The Secret Ingredient is Love for her full recipe.  
*photo credit

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Safe Ingredients and Play Makeup for Children

All Natural Make Up Sticks - Set 5
Do you find yourself sharing your make-up with the little bunnies in your home? 
I do. My daughter loves to mimic me applying makeup in the morning.  Even though I use natural brands, I still don't like that #1 we are sharing and #2 it still has a lot of ingredients that I don't want on her face. 
Whoops Bunny makes these sweet make-up sticks that come in 5 dazzling colors that can be used on your eyes, cheeks, lips, anywhere! With all natural ingredients like raspberry extract they're worry-free and yummy too. Mix and match blue, green, purple, orange and pink for a big night out or a fun night in!

All 5 make-up sticks come packaged in a recyclable tube, perfect for keeping in your bag or bringing with you in a travel case so you never have a whoops when you need to brighten up in a pinch! All natural and biodegradable ingredients. Not tested on animals. Made with wind power right here in the USA.

Perfect for all of your back-to-school sleepovers! The colors are not super bright but still show up on the skin and t
hey are really easy to apply and remove.
Check out the natural makeup sticks on Whoops Bunny and while you are there take a peek at all of their other cute products! 

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Pinterest Valentine's Day Ideas for Kids

Valentine's Day is only a week away but just enough time to get your pink on with your kids.  Here are some of my favorite ideas from Pinterest to sweeten your "Love Day!"
A sweet and easy heart garland to make with kids.

"I love you" breakfast. 
Love this idea for Valentine's Day

Great idea for kid's Valentines. Buy a 24-pack of Play-Doh and add the cute top (free printable labels available!)  Nice instead of more candy too :)
Great idea for kid's Valentines. Buy a 24-pack of Play-Doh and add the cute top (free printable labels available!) Nice instead of more candy too :)
Heart Pop-Up Card
Heart Pop-Up Card
Mini Grilled Cheese Heart Sandwiches. #food #Valentines #sandwiches

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