Sunday, May 26, 2013

Pouch Pops for Baby Food

Now Available! Assorted 4-Pack
My baby absolutely loves PouchPop!
It's really great to have baby food pouches now everywhere on the market.  It's easy and fast for moms to feed babies.  But have you ever tried to suck the food from one?  It's hard and rough.  I know first hand because I tried it today.  This was a fun review because first I tried the baby food just as it comes in the pouch.  Then, I put one of the Pouch Pops on and tried it.  It was much easier on your mouth.  It's also very easy to clean and travel with.  It's a great deal $9.99 a pack since they are reusable.

Pouch Pop Ouch Points

The PouchPop™ topper is the convenient, soothing, and safe solution for pouch feeding. PouchPop is the first self-feeding attachment developed for the pouch and is pediatrician recommended.
PouchPop complies with CPSC small parts regulation and is naturally BPA and Phthalate free.  Engineered with perfection, because your child deserves nothing less.


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