Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Baby Comfy Nose

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Let's face it the blue bulb syringe they send you home with at the hospital becomes gross after one use.  Cleaning it is almost impossible and you are really allowing this virus-laden thing to be used on your baby over and over.  So, what's a mom to do.  Thankfully, there are more sanitary options.  You have probably seen Nose Frida and Baby Comfy Nose in stores and the picture of the mom sucking her baby's nose on the cover.  No doubt it looks strange but most moms would agree it not only works, but it's a lot safer for baby and less messy for you.  

I like Baby Comfy Nose the best because you don't have to buy Nose Frida's foam rubber filters for the lifetime of their unit.   The Baby Comfy Nose Nasal Aspirator is the better snot sucker. Designed to use household tissue as a filter, so there's nothing else to buy. More effective than bulb and battery aspirators because it uses your own suction. The mesh storage pouch keeps the pieces together in the dishwasher, hang the pouch to dry and then it's ready for the diaper bag. Soft medical grade nose tip & mouth piece. BPA & Phthalate-free. Features: -Uses household tissue as a filter. -Medical grade soft nose tip and mouth piece. -Mesh dishwasher pouch. -Nose tip can not be inserted too deeply. -BPA and Phthalate-free


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