Saturday, April 13, 2013

Babba Activity Box for Kids

What's in your Babba Box?

Have you ever woken up on a Saturday morning and thought, “Okay. Four hours until naptime. What am I going to do today?” Or struggled to keep the kids away from the TV or iPad while preparing dinner?
Each month the BabbaBox delivers...
  • TV-Free Mornings - Super fun activities that help you cut back on screen time
  • Sanity Saving Weeknight Activities - Enriching projects your little ones can do more independently so you can multitask
  • Purposeful Weekend Play - A different mix every month. Books, games, puzzles, imaginative play, sensory activities and more!
  • Story time - Books that will delight them over and over

Here is our Babba Box
Inside was a music filled fun pack including a wonderful musical book, a music CD that goes along with the book, maracas and paint, a tambourine to make, and a fun scarf to dance with.
Here is my daughter painting her maracas
 Together we wove the string and bells to make the tambourine.  Then she got to add paint to customize her look.
Voila! Instant musical instruments!  Now for the best part-listening to the CD, reading the book, and playing along with her new instruments.  We had so much fun with our Babba Box.  It's perfect for little ones ages 2 and up.  The older children can help the younger ones as well.  This is really nice that the whole family can get involved.  But parents can have just as much fun.  As a teacher, I really like that there is a theme to the box with reading, sensory activities, play, and problem solving skills fostered. 
 Have fun while raising curious little thinkers…

  • Much More than Crafts – Books, projects, games, sensory activities, imaginative play, just to name a few. A different mix every month!
  • Build Confidence - We focus on providing the early building blocks that will help them develop confidence and self-esteem.
  • Develop Critical Thinking - Age appropriate projects to support pre-literacy, spark imaginative play, and encourage problem solving!

Join now and get your Babba Box to share with your little ones


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