Friday, March 8, 2013

Organic Baby Green Puffs and Probiotics

When I think of the hours I spent looking for organic baby food and snacks for my daughter...there just seemed to be very few options. Thanks to Happy Baby Food making healthier options is easier! 
Who Are They:

HAPPYBABY is committed to making baby food as healthy and delicious as homemade with the essential nutrients needed for optimal growth and development. It is all organic and 100% natural. HAPPYBABY has partnered with Dr. Sears, well known author and pediatrician to ensure the healthiest formulations possible for baby's growing bodies. They work together to create products that he feels good about recommending. (My daughter and I are on a T.V. show called Building Blocks For Tots, that features Dr. Sears and his daughter-he is excellent!)

What They Make:
  • Fresh frozen organic baby meals in 15 flavors with a great variety of meats, veggies, grains and fruits for baby’s budding palette.
  • Probiotic dry cereals with DHA for baby’s immunity.
  • Toddler meals with hidden veggies and balanced nutrition.
  • Organic puffed grain snacks for babies and toddlers with half the sugar and nothing artificial.
  • Organic freeze-dried yogurt snacks with pre and probiotics for baby's optimal digestive health.
Their Happy Bellies Cereal offers pro biotic protection to help strengthen your baby’s digestive system. Happy puffs are a delicious finger food for babies that melt in baby's mouth. I ate them and and attest that they are yummy! Plus, they are a good source of Iron, Vitamin D, Calcium, and B vitamins. My daughter loves their Happy Tot salmon bites and mac and cheese. Plus on each box, their is a special agent animal that has a special environmental mission-very cute!
There are no pesticides, no chemical fertilizers, no genetic modification, no preservatives and for every package you buy, you and HAPPYBABY partner with Project Peanut Butter to feed malnourished children in Malawi.


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