Sunday, February 10, 2013

Safe Ingredients and Play Makeup for Children

All Natural Make Up Sticks - Set 5
Do you find yourself sharing your make-up with the little bunnies in your home? 
I do. My daughter loves to mimic me applying makeup in the morning.  Even though I use natural brands, I still don't like that #1 we are sharing and #2 it still has a lot of ingredients that I don't want on her face. 
Whoops Bunny makes these sweet make-up sticks that come in 5 dazzling colors that can be used on your eyes, cheeks, lips, anywhere! With all natural ingredients like raspberry extract they're worry-free and yummy too. Mix and match blue, green, purple, orange and pink for a big night out or a fun night in!

All 5 make-up sticks come packaged in a recyclable tube, perfect for keeping in your bag or bringing with you in a travel case so you never have a whoops when you need to brighten up in a pinch! All natural and biodegradable ingredients. Not tested on animals. Made with wind power right here in the USA.

Perfect for all of your back-to-school sleepovers! The colors are not super bright but still show up on the skin and t
hey are really easy to apply and remove.
Check out the natural makeup sticks on Whoops Bunny and while you are there take a peek at all of their other cute products! 


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