Sunday, February 24, 2013

Baby and Toddler Hip Carrier

What's a baby hip hugger?  I was wondering the same thing.  I have used baby carriers, slings, pouches, and wraps, but this is new to me.  Does a mom need another carrying device for their infant or toddler?  Before I tried the hip hugger my answer would have been a great big no.  But, I was mistaken.  The baby hip hugger is awesome, much to my surprise.  It's so easy and comfortable to use.  You just Velcro and hook a strap around your waist.  Located above your hip is a small little seat for baby's weight to rest on while you are holding him/her...brilliant!  This way you are still holding you baby, but a mom or dad's hip doesn't have to ache through the shopping mall. 
It also comes in the cutest and I mean cutest package.  Take a look:

Perfect for a baby shower gift.
The Baby Hip Hugger is an easier, more comfortable way to carry your child. It is an essential product for a mother or anyone else that carries a child for a long period of time.
The Baby hip Hugger is the answer for those parents with tired arms but still want to hold their child close all the time.
baby hip hugger Size Guide:
Infant size- starting when they can sit their own to 10 months/22lbs
Toddler size- 10months/22lbs to 36months/40lbs
*anyone with waist size up to 40inches are recommended to use this product.*

Most children want to be held.  I see toddlers all of the time crying because mom or dad is tired of carrying them and puts them down.   Now with the Baby Hip Hugger they can be held a little longer and it's more comfortable for baby and adult.   I recommend this product for moms with infants or toddlers!


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