Friday, November 9, 2012

Paris Themed Birthday Party

Bonjour! Welcome to Hawaii where we will feast on Pancakes (crepes didn't sound as good), quiche, play Parisian games, and relax by the beauty of the Eiffel tower!

These were good!

My daughter wanted a Paris theme for her birthday party.  Creating a Parisian atmosphere in Hawaii is an arduous task, especially when the setting is a tropical pool and in it's in the month of October.  Stores are filled with pumpkins and costumes not poodles and Eiffel towers.  Well, this complication actually caused me to get creative with my daughter and paint some backdrops.  We had pancakes and quiche and had fun painting using the pointillism technique.

This was a themed activity where the children had Q-tips and paint.  They had to paint something using dots like Georges Seurat did.  Then to expand on the artsy French idea we found mini paint sets to give out to everyone.  My daughter loves origami so we folded gift boxes for the paint sets.  

You can buy them at ArtPlantae.  Visit ArtPlantae's website, where they bring botanical art, botany and its educational mission to life.

Mini Paint Box

Add a pocket palette to your nature journal kit. Eight paints and a mini paint brush fit inside this 2.5" snap-close palette. 
Assorted Case Colors: blue, green pink, yellow.  This Art-to-Go item ships FREE.

Oh, and of course we played pin the tail on the poodle!  My daughter painted most of this.

Making this cake topper was probably the hardest task, but the exacto knife saved me.
 Merci be coupe for stopping by!


  1. Love the ideas!! Especially the pin the tail on the poodle! :)

  2. What a creative mind u have! Not only a themed party but the kids got to "tour" Paris now that's a party to remember!


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