Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Make a Tape Car Race Track

Tape is really a wonderful thing.  My daughter has gone through more tape than I want to remember.  Investing in some color masking tape is wonderful for creating an instant activity for your kids.  

My daughter made this race track for her cars this morning.  It's super easy to do in a pinch when you have a play date or on a rainy day.  For younger children, I recommend doing it for them when they are napping.  Then they can just play with the cars without messing with the sticky tape.  Older children will probably have more fun creating it and making their own little city.  Also, you may want to do it in a tucked away corner of your home, especially if the children want it to stay for a while.  Don't forget to talk about geometric shapes when you are building together.

I am helping my daughter make a diner for the cars to eat at to add to our metropolitan car track.  Tonight her little elf will be driving one of the cars to surprise her in the morning #TOOFUN!!


  1. Great Idea! So many diff. colors in tape. I gotta do this for my kids.

  2. That looks great, thanks for the idea!


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