Friday, November 23, 2012

Make a Doll House out of a Cardboard Box

Who knew? Yes, it's pretty amazing what you can do with some scissors, tape, a cardboard box, and some creativity.

This was a fantastic project that my daughter and I did together.  She has a store bought barbie doll house that she loves but she has accumulated more little girl and baby barbies recently and couldn't fit them all inside.  So, she wanted a playhouse for the "barbie kids."  

We decided to make one ourselves as we got out our craft box with all kinds of scraps of material, stickers, and felt and then we began to cut and glue.  It was a lot of fun for her to be able to design everything the way that she wanted the beds and the wall art to look.  She even picked out a refrigerator from a magazine to glue on.  We also had some extra doll furniture we used but the couch, kitchen table, and beds we made out of cardboard.  

The options are endless for a project like this and if an adult was doing this solo they could really get crafty and detail oriented.

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