Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Tillandsia Air Plant Hanging Sea Urchins

My hanging jellyfish plant

I added some Tillandsia Air Plants to my home recently.  These plants don't require soil and look great hanging, in shells, on wreaths, or on your counter top.

You can find Tillandsia Air Plant Hanging Sea Urchins at SucculentDESIGNS.  Here are some from their shop that I placed in a glass vase with sand. You can make your own Tillandsia terrarium or purchase one made for you.

Tillandsia air plants need some water (can be in the form of misting every few days) and indirect sunlight.
Yet another lovely plant on my counter top in a sea urchin shell.
I added an air plant to my wreath on my door as well.  These guys are too cute!

They have other beautiful items as well at SucculentDESIGNS.  This wreath is just lovely:
Featured in Birds and Blooms and Phoenix Magazines, Etsy Featured Seller, 12" Living Succulent Wreath or Centerpiece,

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  1. I didn;t know Tillandsia was the name for these plants. I saw them at whole foods


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