Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Making Shell Jewelry and Crafts with Sea Urchins

I found Sea Shell Supply on Etsy.com.  The owner is a shell collector and  absolutely loves the beach. If you want to craft with shells then Sea Shell Supply is a great resource.  I used some of their sea urchin shells to make ornaments for Christmas and to hang from a branch that I have in my living room (see picture below).    
1 Gallon Large Ocean Mix Seashells (40-50 pcs.)White Seashell Mix (15 pcs.)True Tulip Seashell (4") - Fasciolaria Tulipa

I also made some beautiful jewelry with the shells.  Shells are very delicate so it's tedious to make jewelry with them.  I usually stick to making necklaces rather than rings and bracelets which have a great chance of breaking.    I really love my necklace below.  I used these shells:

Deep Water Philippine Sea Urchin $6

Green Sputnik Sea Urchins 4 for $4

Deep Water Philippine Sea Urchin4 Green Sputnik Sea Urchins (1")
Have fun crafting with shells or simply enjoy their beauty!


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