Monday, September 24, 2012

Your child's artwork custom t-shirt

It's fun to design your own t-shirt, especially for kids.  My daughter painted a pink castle that she wanted to put on a t-shirt and Zazzle made that possible.  
It took a few minutes to get the picture centered correctly and to add some text and then we were done.  When the t-shirt arrived I was happy with the quality and the design was clear and bright. 

How to turn your child's masterpiece into a t-shirt:

  • Visit Zazzle
  • Pick your style shirt
  • Upload your child's picture (that you scanned)
  • Add text (if you would like)
  • Hit submit!

For around $20 (plus shipping) you can have a custom shirt of your own.  I think this would make a fun birthday surprise!  


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