Friday, September 28, 2012

Sea Urchin Jewelry


Who doesn't want to wear a treasure from the sea? There is something very appealing about the mix of metal and using organic material like sea shells. 

SEA URCHIN GREECE is a shop on ETSY that sells the most lovely sea urchins and also creates beautiful jewelry with these fragile shells.

This is the triple sea urchin ring that sells for $45.00. It's beautifully made with etching on the silver part of the ring, which gives it an antique feel. Three of the cutest tiny sea urchins sit atop adorned with little silver jewels that brings the whole piece together. Don't worry about breakage because she seals and fills them so they are sturdy. You can visit her site here (and check out the free shipping:): 
Check out her pictures below that are taken in Greece:

10pcs green, 10pcs red sea urchins, free shipping.  15.


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