Thursday, August 30, 2012

Family Outdoor Gear News Review

Aloha Hawaii KHON 2 Morning News viewers! Mahalo for watching this morning and stopping by for more information about these educational products that were featured. Click the link to watch(coming soon).

1.) Pediped ( Pediped's Fall/Winter 2012 Collection has an innovative line of athletic shoes featuring Ultra Light Technology™, a collection of waterproof cold weather boots and more than 80 new design offerings. 

Engineered for comfort and built for speed, pediped's new line of athletic footwear has an ultra lightweight of just five ounces, flex grooves for maximum flexibility and are machine washable. The new line of waterproof cold weather boots, created as a result of customer demand, have a temperature rating of -20 degrees, self-cleaning soles and a waterproof exterior.


2).  Flare Down (

FDA approved food safe spray made from natural ingredients that neutralizes outdoor barbecue grill grease flare ups, keeping you safe and the food from burning without toxic chemicals or ruining the food.  $5.99

3).  Thermacell Outdoor Lantern (

The ThermaCELL Outdoor Insect-Repellent Lantern is the best option for keeping mosquitoes and other insects in any outdoor setting. It is both a powerful insect repellent device and a functional and portable, long-lasting outdoor LED lantern, with both functions being usable separately or together. Providing a 15x15 ft mosquito-free zone, it is 98% effective (tested and used by the Department of Defense and the United States Army), making it the most effective insect repellent device on the market. It is also non-toxic, safe and non-intrusive, being DEET-free, silent, portable and odor free. $31.99

4).  Grate Chef Grill Wipes (

Grill Wipes attach to the bristles of any grill brush and apply high heat grilling oil to any grill grate, preventing food from sticking.  Specially formulated accompanying grilling oil won’t burn off like conventional cooking sprays.  Specially designed fiber of the wipes allow them to be used on heated grill grates for optimal no-stick performance.  Easily give food distinct grill marks without any worry of food sticking.  Makes achieving professional results simple and convenient.  Not flammable like spray products.  No more using highly flammable paper towels which are ineffective in cleaning an abrasive grilling surface.  Grill Wipes are non-toxic and biodegradable.  $8.99/pack

5).  Sachi Insulated Handbags (

Sachi Lunch Bags are insulated, fashionable handbags suitable for any setting. Stylish and roomy enough to double as a purse or handbag, while effectively keeping food hot or cold as desired. Easily wipes clean with a damp cloth. Handles fold down for easy fit in the refrigerator. Zips closed and handles fold down to the sides so that you may lay it flat, allowing for easy refrigerator storage. Comes in a variety of styles and colors. Retails for $9.99 - $24.99.

6).  Ten Minutes for Life Water Safety DVD (
This DVD is a unique visual guide demonstrating the hazards found in the pool environment with step-by-step recommendations for how to avoid those hazards and deal with a pool related emergency.  An invaluable education resource for every parent or care-giver providing the information and skills necessary to prevent another child from becoming a drowning statistic.. $18


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