Wednesday, July 25, 2012

DIY How to Make a Shell Wreath

Yes, I made this! It really turned out better then I hoped!  I googled shell and driftwood door wreaths to buy one the other day.  I found a lot of pretty choices but they were all between $50 and $100 and some wouldn't ship to Hawaii.   So, then I decided to google how to make your own shell wreath.  Basically all of the blog tutorials were the same.:
1. get shells
2. buy wreath
3. hot glue them on

Well, I had lots of shells, an old wreath, and a hot glue gun so I went to work.  That part was easy until I lifted it up and realized how heavy it was.  I was worried that the shells would be fragile and fall off from the constant opening and closing of the door.  That's when I remembered the shell lei that I had and used it to wrap around the wreath to secure the large breakable shells.  Genius! (if I do say so myself)
Basically this project took about 15 minutes and cost be nothing but, WOW-
I am loving my door right now!


  1. I love this! Are you really selling these? I did see some great ones on etsy just now. MommyMaggie

  2. Nice shell wreath; nice blog tutorial. Thank you for your post.

  3. very nice, appreciate you sharing as I am about to make my own from beach finds in Gualala Ca. Thanks


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