Friday, March 9, 2012

Handmade Kaleidoscope Gifts

Handmade Kaleidoscope Artistry

My daughter just loves looking through kaleidoscopes.  I loved to look at people's faces and at light to see the vibrant geometrical shapes it created when I was young. 
Kaleidoscopes aren't too easy to find in stores but Kaleidoscopes To You has a lot to choose from for people with varying budgets.  I received the Laminated Solid Wood Teleidoscope and was very pleased. 

It has a lovely wood pattern and looks like koa wood.  Actually, my friend asked if it was koa wood from Martin and MacArthur.  It looks perfect on my table and would also make a great gift for father's day, birthday, or pretty much any special occasion. 
5.5 Inch long Laminated Solid Woods Padauk Teleidoscope
My daughter uses it the most of course!
Laminated Solid Wood with Paduk and other Hardwoods TeleidoscopeThey carry engraved and brass Kaleidoscopes too.
Brass Kaleidoscope

Kaleidoscope Necklace in a All Shiny Silver Finish - Cross

They even have Kaleidoscope jewelry!

The Laminated Solid Wood Teleidoscope sells for $39.99 at or you can find one that fits your preference. Connect with Kaleidoscopes to You on facebook and twitter.


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