Thursday, February 9, 2012

Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Aloha Hawaii KHON 2 Morning News viewers! Mahalo for watching this morning and stopping by for more information about these baby shower products that were featured. Click the link to watch (coming soon).

Sidekick Child Carrier Diaper Bag 

Sidekick is the first and only full-size diaper bag with a built in child carrier.  Adjustable strap allows you to carry baby at either hip.  Includes spacious compartments and pockets for all of baby's and mom's things, such as cell phone and baby bottle pockets, bottle/snack pouch, changing pad sleeve (w/ included changing pad), and more.  Baby-friendly fabric easily wipes clean.  All in a very stylish, hip design.  Multiple colors to choose from.  The Sidekick is designed for infants and toddlers up to 35 pounds and between 6 months and 3 years of age.  Sidekick retails for $129 and can be purchased online at and at retail stores nationwide. 

Nubie LegrufflesLegRuffles

Legruffles are a ruffle-themed legwarmer and arm warmer knitted with a beautiful cotton blend yarn giving a soft, flowing feel. Comes in a wide selection of solids and stripes with various trims, including a cute Cha-Cha with ball fringe and stylish Vintage Lace. Sizes include "Nubies" for newborns to 6 months, "Regular" for older babies and young children and "Longes" for tweens and adults. $12.50 - $17.50,

Peekaru Hoodie 

Like your favorite hoodie, made for two. The Peekaru Hoodie is cozy soft and fits over you and your baby, keeping you close and warm even as the temperature drops. The Peekaru Hoodie fits over any soft baby carrier, including Baby Bjorn and Ergo, as well as a variety of mei tais, ring slings, and wraps.  The Peekaru Hoodie is comfortable for temperatures from 45 – 65 F, and is perfect for everyday outings like a trip to the zoo or an evening sunset walk. When the temperature drops further, bundle up with your own coat over the hoodie and you’ll both stay toasty warm.  The Peekaru Hoodie can be worn on your front or your back;  just flip the hood into a chic cowl neck if you decide to wear your baby on your back. $64.95,

Zach & Chloe Baby Footwear  

Zach & Chloe Baby Footwear lets little ones take their first steps in style, coming in styles like "City High Tops", "Mary Janes", "Ballerinas" and "Oxfords". Zach & Chloe Baby Footwear is as healthy for baby as it is stylish, made of certified organic cotton and low-impact dyes. Each pair of Zach & Chloe Baby Footwear has anti-slide soles to stabilize babies' little feet and elastic ankle bands to keep them on. Retail for $4.99 per 2-pair box, and at Walgreens stores throughout North America.
Emily Diaper Skin Soother

Emily Diaper Skin Soother 

Emily Diaper Skin Soother is the most natural diaper rash cream on the market as well as the most effective. Made of just 6 ingredients: organic sunflower oil, natural beeswax and 4 natural wildcrafted herbs - frankincense, red peony root, dictamnus root and phellodendron bark. No fragrance, no chemicals, no preservatives, no artificial ingredients of any kind. It is designed to soothe and heal any type of diaper rash or irritation, whether caused by heat, fungus, moisture, bacteria or allergen.  Retails for $14.00 per 1.8 oz jar. Available online at or at retailers throughout North America.


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