Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Vog Relief!

Vog and Smog are forms of air pollution. In Hawaii we sometimes have Vog caused by volcanoes that can produce gases that contain Hydrogen Sulfides and acid forming Sulfur compounds.
Vog and smog can be serious threats, especially for individuals with asthma.

Healing Dragons introduced a new herbal tea – "VOG BUSTER TEA" – into the Hawaiian market in order to provide comfort to the many people adversely affected by volcanic haze caused by fumes and smoke emanating from the ongoing eruption of Kilauea volcano on the Big Island of Hawaii.
Outside Hawaii, their tea is available with the "SMOG BUSTER" label.

The tea is a unique blend of four herbs. It is so mild and delicious that my daughter even liked the taste. It is loaded with anti-oxidants, immune strengtheners, and Omega 3 fatty acids.

The tea has been found to be quite effective for scratchy throat, headache, and red and irritated eyes, inflammation and bronchial congestion.

When I spoke with one of the Doctors behind this tea I was surprised to discover that it is safe enough for anyone, including pregnant women. The herbs are laboratory tested by their California herbal suppliers to be free of caffeine, pesticides, heavy metals, and micro-bacteria. Their tea is blended and bagged in California at a FDA compliant facility in gold foil pouches each containing 16 tea bags.
SMOG/VOG BUSTER TEA Ingredients: Prunella, Uncaria, Perilla seed, Pyrola and Schizonepetae

I first did a little research on each herb to make sure I knew what these herbs were. For the most part my reading confirmed that these herbs were all safe and nutritious. I have to say that this tea is very easy to drink and has a slight naturally sweet taste. Yes, it did make me feel soothed immediately after I drank it. On Oahu, we don't get too much Vog, but I still can feel the difference when there is that heavy, still, thick feeling in the air. I usually try to stay indoors more, drink a lot of water and my Vog buster tea. My head seems to clear pretty quickly after sipping some. The best part is that this tea is very inexpensive. For around $5.00 you can purchase a whole bag of it! Healing dragons tea will now be in my cupboard! This tea is sold in Hawaii and California stores.


  1. I didn't know there was such a thing. I hate the VOG... =)

  2. sounds like a great product...and if you can take it while you are pregnant..it is safe!
    I am your nest follower...pls follow back if you can.


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