Friday, December 9, 2011

School Zone Spelling App

Spelling 1-2

Looking for educational apps for your kids?  I am constantly running into parents who are looking for apps for their kids that help them to learn to read, write, or solve math problems in an interactive fun way.  

School Zone has a Spelling 1-2 app that is an engaging under sea adventure for your little one. 


This software includes over 2,000 first and second grade level words, plus personal spelling lists that can be added while they play.  Kids get three games in one. In the Sunken Ship's Galley Game, they learn to spell by seeing the word, hearing it, and then typing it. Kids unscramble words by rearranging the letters in the Coral Reef Game, and in Neptune's Cave Game, they choose the correct spelling from a number of misspelled versions. Each unique game helps sharpen spelling skills at every level. To make the game more fun and to motivate young spellers, each game offers cool collectables. As children successfully spell words, they release trapped fish and earn prizes. After a fish is released, it goes to live in the Tropical Lagoon. Children use the prizes they earn to decorate the lagoon, creating a special place for the fish to live. It's a virtual aquarium. 

Ages 6-8
Grades First-Second

- Accepts custom word lists
- Multiple-player log-in
- Three unique spelling games
- Audio pronunciations
- Progress tracking
- Progress reporting
- Printable progress reports
- Instant grading
- Audio prompts and encouragement
- Animated scenes
- Playful music
- Colorful graphics


- Word recognition
- Spelling patterns
- Letter sounds
- Long vowel sounds
- Short vowel sounds
- Combination sounds
- Silent letters
My daughter really enjoys playing on her iPad. It's so helpful to know that she can increase her spelling skills by playing games thanks to School Zone! Get it for $9.99 here


  1. What do you have for preschoolers

  2. Hi,
    Just go to the School Zone site and you will see lots of games and workbooks for preschoolers. If you have specific questions there is a number and an email to contact a School Zone rep:)


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