Wednesday, November 23, 2011

To My Readers...Mahalo!

Happy day before Thanksgiving! 
I have been busy cleaning my house and shopping for tomorrow but had enough time to check my email this morning.  I received a message from a reader who won the Sight Words DVD a few weeks ago.  It was so sweet that I thought I would share:

"Mom's Best Bets, the brilliant news is that the amazing Sight Words DVD from Rock N Learn just arrived this morning to Dylan's wondrous surprise! : ) He is so enjoying this fabulous DVD in the most magical of ways, and I wish you could see his eyes light up for the love of learning. It is truly wonderful!  : )

Thanks so very much for all the true to heart magic you create with 
Moms Best Bets, Patrice : )

Wishing you a truly dazzling weekend...creative adventures and all!

With lots of love,
Leah and D.

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