Monday, October 3, 2011

Math Games for Kids

Product Description

Carlito C. Caterpillar's MathHouse™ Game Cards
Based on Domenico’s proprietary 20 Step Sensory Math Teaching System
Featuring two uniquely designed games to demonstrate each step (40 games in all)
The set contains
  • 30 double-sided, full color, illustrated Game Cards
  • Related editorial information explaining to parents The What, Why and How of Each Step
  • Each 8" x 4" loose leaf card is printed on heavy card stock, lacquered to help protect from spills and ring bound to keep together and facilitate play
I think these are useful cards for homeschooling if you are looking for some ideas to teach math in practical ways.  One activity that we did was having my daughter put 8 raisins on a piece of paper, then she stuck 4 sticky notes around the paper to represent 4 friends.  She then had to divide the raisins equally among the 4 papers do find the answer to 8 divided by 4 = 2.
You can find lots more activities on these cards.
Visit Here to find out more about  Carlito C. Caterpillar's MathHouse.


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