Friday, September 2, 2011

The Tuneables Music DVD and CD for Kids

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There’s no denying the value that music learning brings to a child. Now, for the first time, children can learn – really learn – music skills at home with The Tuneables!

Based on years of proven practical experience and research, this new 30-minute animated DVD/CD series, sponsored by t
he Music Intelligence Project, takes a unique approach to music education. Featuring great animation, children ages 3-8 are introduced to the magical world of Tuneville, where the delightful Tuneables characters encourage them to hear and sing tonal patterns in songs, develop their rhythmic skills, expand the range of their singing voices, and become immersed in the sounds and melodies of classical music.

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It provides critical learning experiences at a time when schools and other traditional sources are cutting budgets for music programs.

We just received this entertaining DVD. I am so happy as a home schooling parent to find something like the Tuneables to add to our music curriculum!

The animation is superb and the characters very enjoyable.  

Available in Hardcopy or SD and HD Download. Ages 3-8. $29.99.


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