Thursday, July 28, 2011

Hawaiian Beach Girl Jewelry

Summer Lovin' Hoops

Aloha! Let me introduce you to a local Hawaiian handmade jewelry online shop, "Beach Girl Jewels." 
The artist has a knack for using natural shells and metals to create gorgeous pieces.  She also uses eco-friendly products, as well as found materials such as rare shells and seaglass. The photography of the jewelry is also professional and lovely.  I like that she lives right here on Oahu and that her etsy shop is very reasonably priced.  You will pay much more for items like this in stores.

Peacock Pearl Apo Lima
I received a pair of her large handmade 14k Gold fillhoops with  iridescent abalone shells that literally change color in the sunshine.  I absolutely love the gold with the multi colored abalone shell.  They are beautiful and go with everything!!! 

I am also in love with everything else in her shop like these rare sunrise shell earrings below:)
Visit Beach Girl Jewels and have fun shopping! Chasing The Sunrise


  1. The use of shells is really nice! Such a great look-makes me miss Hawaii

  2. really nice work, can't wait to check them out! thanks

  3. Beautiful jewelry. I am heading over to check them out.


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