Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Wellness Wednesday- 10 reasons to visit a chiropractor


In case you haven't heard every first and third Wednesday is "Wellness Wednesday" here at Mom's Best Bets.  I invite you to learn more about getting healthy with Lifetime Family Wellness Center. 
Top 10 Reasons to visit a Chiropractor

1.  Save money on health care costs 2.  If you have back and neck problems
3.  If you have headaches or migraines
4.  Chiropractic adjustments help with pregnancy
5.   It's safe
6.   Chiropractic Treatment is covered by many health insurance plans
7.   No medications given
8.   Less invasive
9.   Increase energy and vitality
10.  Boost immune system
If you or a loved one suffers from from an ailment or just wants to be and stay healthy, then I recommend visiting a chiropractor. Just another reason to schedule an appointment today!  
 *For all of my Hawaii Readers check out http://lfwchawaii.com/ to learn more about how you and your family can live a healthier life. 

*If you don't live in Hawaii please check out 
Bonfire Health which is a collaborative website with Dr. Bruce and two other notable doctors who will give your free tips and information on how to adopt this healthy way of life.

You can learn more about getting a check-up by contacting http://lfwchawaii.com/ 


  1. One of the many things that my family and I did along our wellness journey was see a chiropractor for awhile and we really loved it!

    All those things that you list are everything we enjoyed about it :)

    Unfortunately we had to stop going for various reasons and haven't really been back since, but it's definitely something to consider in the future!

    Thank you for blogging about this!

  2. great post...I used to see a chiropractor and have been meaning to get back. Now following you!!

  3. Great blog. People now see the benefits of chiropractor. Thanks!


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