Friday, March 18, 2011

Mommy's Medicine Cabinet Review

Having a medicine cabinet that is well stocked and kept up to date is essential for moms.  You never know when you will need a thermometer, bandages, or bee sting medicine.  It is so easy to forget much needed items for you children when you are a mom on the go.  Mommy's Medicine Cabinet makes it a little easier for you to stay organized and fashionable.

Mommy’s Medicine Cabinet™ is a doctor-recommended, organized bag of the most frequently used over-the-counter (OTC) medicines and first-aid needs…and it’s pretty too! No more making lists for vacations, weekends, or overnight getaways…our bag will be ready for use at all times…Just grab, run, and have fun!!
Included with each product contained within the Mommy’s Medicine Cabinet™ is a FREE notification service for any product recall or expiration date.
The three different Mommy's Medicine Cabinets are: Infants' Medicine Cabinet, Children's Medicine Cabinet and a Deluxe Medicine Cabinet.
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  • Included in the Mommy’s Medicine Cabinet™ 
    for children ages 2-6 years:

    The “Kate” bag
    Liquid Antihistamine4 oz.
    Hydrocortisone1 oz.
    Acetaminophen chews30 count
    Probe covers30 count
    Digital thermometer 
    Children’s Ibuprofen liquid4 oz.
    Alcohol wipes6 count
    Nasal Saline1.5 oz.
    Bandages30 count
    Triple Anti Bacterial Ointment1 oz.
    Petroleum Jelly3.75 oz.
    Bee Sting Swabs  

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I think that this bag is perfect for travel and would also make a wonderful baby shower gift! Their products are packaged so beautifully  and Mommy's Medicine Cabinet comes in the  most stylish black bag.  The brand of products that they mostly use is "Good Sense." The only drawback would be if you favor a particular brand other than what they carry.  Otherwise, it's a handy and eye catching medicine bag.


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