Friday, February 11, 2011

Tips for buying Valentine's Day Jewelry

7 Tips: Tips for Buying Valentine's Day Jewelry And Not Breaking The Bank (Fwd: to Your Beau)
Don’t let a tight budget weigh you down this Valentine’s Day!  Here are some tips for buying jewelry that won't sacrifice your pocketbook or fashion sense, because smart shopping is always in style.

  • Avoid Department Stores
While your instinct might tell you to hit up the nearest department store, opt for smaller and more unique store.  Independent boutiques can offer one-of-a-kind options that won’t break the bank and often support local designers.

  • Shop Around For Sales
Take a few moments to search for holiday deals, because they’re out there! My jewelry collection with my dear friend, Kate Bosworth, has a special offer  at, you can purchase a $30 gift card and be credited with a $60 value.  Your Valentine  can pick out two personalized selections . We think it’s a real steal! 
  • Purchase Online 
If you’re fighting against time and budget, go online and bargain hunt with sites that feature overstock items for hard-to-beat prices or interesting handmade finds at sites like Etsy.  
  • Vintage Shopping
With a bit of treasure hunting , you can find something beautiful while still feeling comfortable in your price range. Check online for thrift stores or charitable consignment shops and check them out. We’ve found some amazing pieces in the most unlikely places
  • Precious metals are not your only option
There a variety of metal choices that look expensive and have great design elements, but are only a fraction of the cost. Silver and gold plated pieces, or sterling silver can look just as fashionable as higher end jewelry.  Our silver plated Eros Earrings prove that you can achieve a stylish flair without having to flash your cash! Kate loves these and wears them absolutely everywhere! 
  • Do Your Research
Beware of jewelry from counterfeit sellers, especially if pieces are priced outrageously low.  You may feel like you’ve hit gold, but it could very well be a poor quality imitation piece. If you believe in jewelry karma like we do, especially on a day like Valentine’s, you don’t want to pass on something that turns out to disappoint.     

  • The Right Crystals Will Shine Through
If a diamond or Swarovski dazzler is out of your budget, try simulated crystals or cubic zirconia for a more manageable price tag.  Set with pave stones, our Sweetheart Ring is a great example of affordable sparkle. Kate and I love the little diamonds for a touch of glamour! 
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