Sunday, February 20, 2011

Moon Dough Barnyard Review

Moon Dough Magic Barnyard Play Set

Kids just love the feel of moon dough in their hands.  Moon Dough is a molding compound for kids ages 2-4. It  claims to never dry out. This dough is soft, wheat free, hypoallergenic, and it cleans up easily. It is very easy to mold and comes in eight different vibrant colors.  There are many play sets available, such as the new barnyard play set that we tried out. The Moon Dough barnyard set comes with molds for a pig, sheep, cow horse, and hay bale.There is also a fence an cute play mat.  The Moon Dough Barnyard retails for $19.99.
Moon Dough™ Barn Play Set

Kids love the texture of moon dough.  It's squishy without being too sticky.  
I like that kids can create animals independently  with a little bit of pressure and without feeling frustrated.  If their molds don't come out right it's easy to squish it and remold again. 
One negative is that the moon dough does crumble, which is why I save it for a picnic table toy.  This way children can play freely without parents panicking  about pieces of moon dough falling on the floor.   
I especially recommend this as a great spring activity for kids that is a lot easier to clean up for parents outside. Also, if you have old playdoh containers laying around, I recommend storing your colors in these because they can be resealed. *product provided  for review purposes by  Spin Master

Moon Dough is available at Toys "R" Us, Target, Walmart,, and many other retailers. 


  1. My kiddos loved Moon Dough but I finally gave ours away because it made such a mess.

  2. My daughter got this for Christmas. I agree with Simply Being Mommy - my kids thought it was fine but I hated it! It was like styrofoam bits, floated and stuck to everything and hard to clean up. The animals with the farm were cute but we'll stick with Playdo.

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