Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Chiropractic and Fertility Connection

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Chiropractic and Fertility
Is there a connection between receiving chiropractic care and becoming pregnant?  Yes, there actually is.  There are a few studies, one in particular who followed 15 women, who ranged from 22-64.  They were adjusted using a variety of techniques to remove nerve interference that might affect their ability to conceive.  They found that 14 of the 15 subjects became pregnant within 2-20 months of starting this chiropractic care.  
So, why can it help?
The nerves that regulate and control the reproductive system exit from the spine.  I have known more than one person who has seen these kind of results after a only few months of chiropratic adjustments.  Chiropractic care isn't a treatment for infertility, but nervous system interferences may be a factor. 
Just another reason to schedule an appointment today!  
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  1. I never knew this. I knew about acupuncture and it's benefits towards trying to conceive, but this is new stuff, thanks!


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