Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Wellness Wednesday: A Cold Remedy

In case you haven't heard every first and third Wednesday is "Wellness Wednesday" here at Mom's Best Bets.  I invite you to learn more about getting healthy with Lifetime Family Wellness Center. 
No one wants to catch a cold, especially during the holidays.  If you do, strengthening your immune system will help to remedy the situation.  Getting enough water, rest, and taking in enough vitamins and minerals from whole foods such as  vegetables and fruits will help a lot.  But did you know that an adjustment from the chiropractor can help too?  I just learned  about this firsthand.   
Last week, I felt a bit under the weather for the first time in a long time.  So, I did all of the good things that I listed above, but I added something different, which was visiting my chiropractor. 

The reason why a visit to your chiropractor can help is because sublixations (nerve stress) that cause disease and pain and also affect organs and your energy can be removed or reduced.  This will help aid your body to heal faster and improve the connection between your inner healing, nervous system and body. 
Bottom line: You will feel better.  I know I did and I was feeling great the next morning.
My cold remedy suggestions:
1.  Drink lots of water
2.  Get plenty of rest
3.  Eat WHOLE foods (lots of vegetables and fruits)
4.  Take your fish oil and probiotic supplement)
5.. Eat garlic or take a garlic supplement
6.  Try and spend some time in the sunshine for vitamin D
7.  Get an adjustment!
*For all of my Hawaii Readers check out to learn more about how you and your family can live a healthier life. 

*If you don't live in Hawaii please check out Bonfire Health which is a collaborative website with Dr. Bruce and two other notable doctors who will give your free tips and information on how to adopt this healthy way of life.

You can learn more about getting a check-up by contacting    


  1. My mom's a doctor and she made it well known for us to eat garlic. :s No matter how foul smelling it makes your breath, it does work.

    I used to put it in my armpits to feign a fever. :))

  2. That is a brave move my dear. Most people fear Chiropractors. Cheers to good health!

  3. great tips. Also staying away from my niece and nephew when they have a cold. Somehow children little cold knocks me out. : )

  4. I have been looking for an alternative health doctor in Hawaii-will have to drive over there soon ~Missy


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