Friday, December 31, 2010

Organic Ground Beef Recall: 34,000 pounds in six states

Ground beef recall: 34,000 pounds of contaminated beef in six states

Ground beef recall by a California company affects over 34,000 pounds of organic ground beef products that have been exposed to E. Coli.

I just received a call from Costco telling me not to cook the organic ground beef that I purchased a few days ago because it may be contaminated with E. Coli.  We were planning on eating it tonight and I am very relieved that the call came just hours before consuming a potentially dangerous product.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Wusthof Knives are a Mom's Best Bet

There are a few items that are essential in any kitchen and a good knife is one of them.  
When you try to cut with a quality knife and then compare it to your everyday cutlery, you will be amazed how much simpler your cooking and preparation can be.  

I just received the Wusthof, German made Classic knife.  It came right before Christmas, which was perfect because we did all of the cutting for the Holidays with it.  Actually, we have a set of 9 other knives (a different brand) and have not used any of them (except the serrated one) after we tried the Wusthof.  The difference was tremendous.  Chopping vegetables was a snap compared to our old knives.  I have already located the knives being sold at William and Sonoma, as well as for my future knife purchases.

The classic triple riveted knife series.
  • Forged from one piece of specially tempered high carbon steel to ensure outstanding strength.
  • Extraordinary sharpness which is easy to maintain.
  • Special alloyed steel.
  • Stainless.
  • Seamless, hygienic fit of the handle.
  • Triple-riveted handle shells, full tang handle.
  • Black handles made of synthetic material.
  • For professional chefs and home cooking enthusiasts.
They carry a large variety of knives, blocks, and sharpening tools as well.  I recommend getting their knife sharpener to ensure a clean cut.
    I have found Wusthof at many retail and online stores.  To search near you just click here
    Bottom line: You deserve a quality knife.  It will make cooking a whole lot easier!
    *product provided for review purposes

Organically Grown Baby Clothing

"My first Adventure" Organic Romper and Bib set

My first Adventure" Organic Romper and Bib set

It's so much fun shopping for baby clothes and there are a plethora of options.  So, why buy organic? Conventionally grown cotton contains pesticides and chemicals that may cause rashes and eczema on sensitive skin. Organic cotton is natural, breathable, and softer and better for the environment.

One of my favorite online baby stores is Organically Grown , they carry the sweetest baby clothing and accessories for boys and girls. Check out their cute clothing.  The prices are excellent and they have a wide selection.
Organic Cotton Boys "Reindeer Friends" 3 Piece Bodysuit Set
You can buy these three organic jumpsuits for only $20 HERE
If you do not buy organic, make sure you wash your baby's new clothing a few times before wearing them. Baby laundry detergents smell great, and who doesn't want their bundle of joy smelling like baby powder. However, that smell probably contains perfumes, dyes, and other chemicals, so opt for a fragrance free detergent/fabric softener or one that contains natural essentials oils like lavender.
*product provided for review purposes

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Mom's Best Bet Monday


There are so many great ideas, reviews, and giveaways going on around the blogosphere that it is hard to remember them all. There is something new going on here every Monday that you can be a part of. 

Let's share our 
BEST BET on the Linky or in the comments section below. It could be something you read about, an outrageous recipe, or maybe a product that is outstanding, or an amazing giveaway that you want to share about.

Whatever your best bet is, please share below and we will choose a few to shine in the "
Mom's Best Bets Spotlight!"

Here is a best bet from last week to enter:

JANB: George Foreman Smart Kitchen Multicooker 1/1

GoodNCrazy - $100 Amex Gift Card (2 win!) 12/27 Giveaway: Wide selection and low prices

Want to know where to get your natural supplements and healthy products at low prices? The answer is  A friend told me about this site following a sales clerk who also shared with me about their fabulous prices and wide selection.  So, I was curious and happy to review's services.
A little about iHerb:

Mission Statement: Providing the best overall value for natural products through "e-simplicity".

For twelve years, iHerb has striven to enhance your online shopping experience. Initially, our company promoted the benefits of 
St. John's Wort. Hence the name: iHerb. It is now a world-class online store, supplying a vast selection of brand name natural products. We believe iHerb offers the best overall value, period! Our success and very existence are dependent on the repeat orders and word-of-mouth recommendations of loyal, satisfied customers.

I tried their 

New Chapter, Immunity Take Care, 30 Lozenges.  This is one of my #1 picks for staying healthy and boosting your immune system. We all have been taking them and happily avoiding cold season. 

  • Enhances the Immune System
  • 100% Herbal Immune System Enhancer
  • In the Bloodstream in Less than 30 Minutes
  • DARTvision Fingerprinted Extract with Targeted Dose-Reliable Bioactives
  • Dose Reliable Elderberry Extract
  • Natural Blueberry Flavor with Other Natural Flavors
  • Dietary Supplement
  • Buy it HERE

New Chapter makes excellent products and this will always be on hand in my cabinet.  In Hawaii it's sold for $39.95 so's price is much much better!

SRP: $39.95
Our price: $25.97
Savings of: $13.98

 Greens Plus, Chia Omega 3 Energy Bar, Chocolate, 12 Bars, 59 g Each I also tried their Greens Energy Chocolate Bars.  Honestly, I do not like energy bars (and I have tried a lot) I would rather eat nutritious food.  BUT, these are better than a candy bar.  I would choose this bar over any chocolate treat.  It is seriously that good.  The ingredients are stellar as well.  

Take a peak at what;s inside:
Organic dates, organic almond butter, Omega 3 Chia Seeds, organic honey, original Greens Plus powder (GMO-free soy lecithin, Hawaiian Spirulina, organic apple fiber, organic barley grass, organic wheat grass, Japanese chlorella, hydroponic soy sprouts, organic brown rice bran, sprouted barley malt, alfalfa grass, royal jelly, Montana bee pollen, acerola berry juice, natural Vitamin E, licorice root powder, milk thistle seed extract, echinacea root extract, Siberian eleuthero root extract, astragalus root extract, licorice root extract, organic red beet juice, dunaliella salina algae, organic Nova Scotia Dulse, organic ginkgo biloba leaf extract, organic Japanese green tea extract, grape seed and skin extract, organic Swedish bilberry extract), organic quinoa sprout powder, GMO-free soy protein isolate, natural mixed tocopherols (Vitamin E).
Isn't that exciting? Unfortuanely my whole box is gone-time to order more.  I love having a delicious easy to grab snack that we all love.  I especially like that it's full of calcium rich chia seeds!
You can buy a box of

Greens Plus, Chia Omega 3 Energy Bar, Chocolate, 12 Bars, 59 g Each for

SRP: $35.88
Our price: $27.54 
Buy it here
For more of the tons of awesome products and unbeatable prices go to!

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*This contest ends 1/15
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*product provided for review purposes

Barbara's Bakery Review

Barbara’s Bakery makes snacking a little more healthy by avoiding many artificial ingredients present in many snack foods.  The following is a list of ingredients you want to avoid:
white cheddar puffs from Barbaras Bakery
  • Hydrogenated Oils
  • Artificial Flavors
  • Artificial Preservatives
  • Refined Sugar
  • Trans Fats
  • Artificial Additives
  • High Fructose Corn Syrup
This list is long but great news : Barbara's Bakery avoids all of them! Barbara’s products make a great fit for moms and their families because every item in the entire product line is made free of harmful ingredients such as hydrogenated oils, artificial flavors, preservatives and additives and high fructose corn syrup.  As more families are choosing healthy lifestyles, they can turn to Barbara’s for all-natural products that they can both trust and the whole family will love.  
I have tried their multigrain Puffins, Chocolate Chip Snackimals, and Cheese puffs.   The snackimals I have already tried in the past and frequently buy them for my daughter but the Puffins were new to us.  They were very good in almond milk and I also took a handful for my daughter in the car as a snack on the way to hula practice.  My daughter's favorite was the cheese puffs.  All and all they are very good.  My only critique is I would like to see them using more organic ingredients.
It makes me feel a little better that kids can have a salty or sugary snack once in a while without ingesting a lot of yucky chemicals. 
puffins cereal review
In fact, in honor of its 40th birthday, Barbara’s Bakery is making a stand and saying NO to the bad stuff, and YES to natural foods, and would like to encourage others to do the same!
You may have noticed at your local grocery store that Barbara’s Bakery, a leader in natural foods for 40 years, recently got a makeover with new products and a new look.  With its new packaging, Barbara’s hopes to make their products more identifiable on grocery store shelves and, as a result, empower shoppers to say NO to unnatural foods.
In honor of the holiday season, Barbara’s has recently launched a Facebook promotion allowing users to Give the Gift of No to their friends and loved ones on Facebook. Through the end of December, Facebook users can follow a few simple steps on the Barbara’s Bakery Fan Page to Give the Gift of NO to their friends. Plus, as a “thank you” for spreading the Gift of NO, users will receive a Barbara’s product coupon for every three Gift of No’s given!

* I received samples to facilitate this review through the Family Review Network.  All opinions are my own.

Natural Vermont Soap Organics

Organic handmade soap makes a great gift!  The Vermont Soap Organics filled my loved one's Christmas stockings this year and I am excited to buy some for Valentine's gifts.  They have a wonderful scent and are an inexpensive gift that you will love.  
I received some organic soaps to sample. The ingredients such as oatmeal and natural essential oils, like lavender and citrus. My skin felt clean and nourished after using them.  The Lavender and the lemongrass scented soaps are my two favorites.

17 Scents to choose from!
Aloe Baby Soap
Balsam Swirl*
Blue Bar*
Butter Bar
Citrus Sunrise
Honey Soap
Lavender Blossoms
Lavender Swirl*
Oatmeal Lavender
Oats 'n Aloe Unscented
Vermont Clay
Patchouli Hemp
Rosemary Herb
Shampoo Bar
Tea Tree
Leaping Bunny

They also have other safe products such as lotions, bath salts, veggie washes, beauty products and more. 

*Products provided for review purposes.  All opinions are Mom's Best Bets

Grab Green Lemongrass Cleaning Products

When you clean, grab green! 
Grab Green makes eco friendly natural cleaning products for the home.
More about Grab Green:
"Our products are made of naturally derived ingredients, are non-toxic and free of phosphates, fillers, fragrance, chlorine, dyes and NPE. And our products are absolutely not tested on animals or contain animal additives. Our eco-profile extends beyond our solutions to our packaging. We make sure our products are as eco-friendly as possible by using post consumer resins, recyclable and biodegradable materials. We focus on creative ways to avoid wasteful packaging without compromising design or quality."
tangerine with lemongrass degreaser cleaner
I tried their Degreaser spray. I have used it on my countertops and my stove and it was tuff on greasy spots.
This is a safe and effective, this hardworking Degreaser leaves a smear-free clean surface without the yucky residue. Amazing for stove tops, kitchen floors, cook top hoods, microware interiors, rubbish cans, sinks and more. Available in two delightful scents of Thyme with Fig Leaf and Tangerine with Lemongrass or in a fragrance-free formula.
tangerine with lemongrass all purpose cleaner
I also particularly like the All-purpose cleaner.
It removes grease and the sticky stuff without the yucky residue. Takes care of messes on composite, stone or tile countertops, linoleum, wood floors and more. The hardworking, biodegradable cleaning ingredients are gentle on the planet and have never been tested on little critters. Fragrance Free and 2 delightful fragrance collections are available.
Their liquid dish soap was not my favorite because it had a strong scent.  I think next time I would try their unscented dish soap but I did like Grab Green's lemongrass scented all purpose cleaner.
You can purchase Grab Green here!
*product provided for review purposes.

Fig Food is Yummy Food

It has been raining here in Hawaii for the past week.  So, it's the prefect time to make some nutritious soup.   You may have seen a USDA Organic Fig Food Soups on shelves near you.  I have and couldn't wait to try them.  
Fig Food Soups are full of flavor using organic, plant-based ingredients. They make eating healthy easy! The soups are made primarily of ingredients from North American farms, are 100 percent plant-based and certified organic and kosher.  This is a great option for anyone, especially for those trying to stay fit. Fig Foods Soup is a low sodium soup with only 200-260 mg of sodium per serving.
I was impressed when I read the packaging and discovered all their soups come in a  BPA Free container. 
The Tuscan White Bean, Umbrian Lentil, Yucatan Black Bean, and Gran Farro e Fagioli are so yummy! They taste homemade without tasting too salty.  I diced some onions and sauteed them and then added it to the white bean with a little secret seasoning.  Not that it needed it, but the added ingredients made it even more semi-homemade and delicious.  
My favorite out of their 3 Condensed Soups is the Tomato with the Wheatberry and Split Pea make a close tie for second.   All you need to do is add one box of water to the condensed soup and heat.  I prefer to add spices, coconut milk, onions, and garlic to them and enjoy the convenience of cooking with them as well.
We were very bust today so I heated up the Gran Farro e Fagioli and my daughter just loved this vitamin packed soup.
I buy my Fig Foods products at my Whole Foods store. You can check out their website for a location nearest you

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Tuscany, home of mangiafagioli or bean eaters. This soup brims with creamy cannellini beans, whole-grain barley, spinach and sage. A complete meal.
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