Thursday, December 30, 2010

Organically Grown Baby Clothing

"My first Adventure" Organic Romper and Bib set

My first Adventure" Organic Romper and Bib set

It's so much fun shopping for baby clothes and there are a plethora of options.  So, why buy organic? Conventionally grown cotton contains pesticides and chemicals that may cause rashes and eczema on sensitive skin. Organic cotton is natural, breathable, and softer and better for the environment.

One of my favorite online baby stores is Organically Grown , they carry the sweetest baby clothing and accessories for boys and girls. Check out their cute clothing.  The prices are excellent and they have a wide selection.
Organic Cotton Boys "Reindeer Friends" 3 Piece Bodysuit Set
You can buy these three organic jumpsuits for only $20 HERE
If you do not buy organic, make sure you wash your baby's new clothing a few times before wearing them. Baby laundry detergents smell great, and who doesn't want their bundle of joy smelling like baby powder. However, that smell probably contains perfumes, dyes, and other chemicals, so opt for a fragrance free detergent/fabric softener or one that contains natural essentials oils like lavender.
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