Friday, December 31, 2010

Organic Ground Beef Recall: 34,000 pounds in six states

Ground beef recall: 34,000 pounds of contaminated beef in six states

Ground beef recall by a California company affects over 34,000 pounds of organic ground beef products that have been exposed to E. Coli.

I just received a call from Costco telling me not to cook the organic ground beef that I purchased a few days ago because it may be contaminated with E. Coli.  We were planning on eating it tonight and I am very relieved that the call came just hours before consuming a potentially dangerous product.


  1. We just got that call too, and a google search led me to your site!
    I definitely am glad they took the time to call because I don't even have a tv.

  2. I received the call also!! THANK YOU COSTCO FOR CALLING!!!! Thank YOU for posting the info. LORD, Please bless our food!

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  4. Thanks for sharing the recall news, i hadn't seen it yet!

  5. what a shame! all that beef and no one to eat it. :( well, glad you got that call and hopefully it doesnt happen again in the near future.


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