Monday, December 13, 2010

mOmma Rocking Cup with Straw and Spoon

Innovation, technology, movement and colors. 
mOmma is the newest revolutionary line of baby products that encourages baby to discover their surroundings with products that are unique in shape, movement and color, thus transforming each moment of your baby’s mealtime into a moment of growth, learning and pleasure.

The main mOmma products rock, entertaining baby during mealtime. This movement stimulates baby’s curiosity and captures his attention. The « rocking » system always ensures maximum hygiene: the point of suction never comes in touch with the surface of tables or high chair.
A complete line of products designed according to baby’s changing needs during the various phases of growing. These simple but innovative products help baby become more self-assured and independent.
 I was able to review their Rocking Cup w/straw & spoon.  There are 2 reasons why I chose to have them as a Mom's Bet Bet.  The first is because they are BPA free and the second is because they are a great value. 

mOmma Rocking Cup Orange
Stage #3: Cup with Straw
mOmma Rocking Cup with Dual Handles & Drinking Straw Orange
The dual handle Cup with Straw is equipped with a twisting lid to promote independence. This modern closing system allows baby to access and store feeding straw within the lid. This motion increases baby’s motor skills and further strengthens their grip, while maximizing hygiene.
Bonus: The clever device is designed to accept the whole line of mOmma lids (bottle & sippy non-spill cup) for every stage of feeding! 
It's a very modern design and I like that it assists with hygiene while helping baby become more independent. 
• Size: 9 oz / 250 ml 
• Dimensions: 5.25” H x 3.5” D (5.25” D with handles) 
• Round ergonomic shape 
• Safe and hygienic 
• In & out straw system 
• Roly-Poly 
• Non-spill 
• Developmental system 
• Dishwasher Safe 
BPA & Phthalate FREE 
• 100% Polypropylene 
• 00658164

mOmma Soft Spoon green roly poly no dirt clean hygenic

mOmma Soft Spoon Green

Little hands and mouths get ready! This cleverly designed spoon gets the ball rolling on a successful eating routine.
A spherical base keeps the utensil upright, preventing the spoon from touching soiled surfaces. The same roly-poly action promotes motor skills, keeping your child engaged during their feeding.
The protective cover provides a hygienic casing during travel, while doubling as an extendable handle.
The case is awesome! This was always my problem when trying to pack spoons.  Now it's easy, mess free, and germ free!
• 4.25” H x 1.75” D 
• Round ergonomic shape 
• Non-Slip Soft texture 
• Latest technology rubber tip 
• Safe and hygienic 
• Protective cover 
• Developmental system 
• Item #00665164
Only $7.25 

These are super cute and fun for baby while helping to make mom's job easier!
*Per FTC guidelines this post was written for Family Review Network & mOmma who provided the complimentary product for review in exchange for my honest opinions.

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  1. Before you know it your child will be suckling the straw and drinking on his/her own.


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