Sunday, December 26, 2010

Fig Food is Yummy Food

It has been raining here in Hawaii for the past week.  So, it's the prefect time to make some nutritious soup.   You may have seen a USDA Organic Fig Food Soups on shelves near you.  I have and couldn't wait to try them.  
Fig Food Soups are full of flavor using organic, plant-based ingredients. They make eating healthy easy! The soups are made primarily of ingredients from North American farms, are 100 percent plant-based and certified organic and kosher.  This is a great option for anyone, especially for those trying to stay fit. Fig Foods Soup is a low sodium soup with only 200-260 mg of sodium per serving.
I was impressed when I read the packaging and discovered all their soups come in a  BPA Free container. 
The Tuscan White Bean, Umbrian Lentil, Yucatan Black Bean, and Gran Farro e Fagioli are so yummy! They taste homemade without tasting too salty.  I diced some onions and sauteed them and then added it to the white bean with a little secret seasoning.  Not that it needed it, but the added ingredients made it even more semi-homemade and delicious.  
My favorite out of their 3 Condensed Soups is the Tomato with the Wheatberry and Split Pea make a close tie for second.   All you need to do is add one box of water to the condensed soup and heat.  I prefer to add spices, coconut milk, onions, and garlic to them and enjoy the convenience of cooking with them as well.
We were very bust today so I heated up the Gran Farro e Fagioli and my daughter just loved this vitamin packed soup.
I buy my Fig Foods products at my Whole Foods store. You can check out their website for a location nearest you

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Tuscany, home of mangiafagioli or bean eaters. This soup brims with creamy cannellini beans, whole-grain barley, spinach and sage. A complete meal.


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