Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Spike Seasoning Varieties

Zoom View - Spike Gourmet Natural SeasoningDid you know there are lots and I mean lots of different types of Spike seasoning?  I didn't.  My husband likes the original. But SPIKE makes salt free and gluten free varieties such as:

* SPIKE® VEGIT MAGIC!A unique blend of the finest, all-natural sea and earth salt crystals with 14 choice fresh-dried leaf and root vegetables plus sea kelp.


* SALT-FREE! SPIKE® GARLIC MAGIC!A flavorful, 100% garlic made with fresh peeled and crushed garlic, gently air-dried to insure freshness and full flavor. Sugar and salt-free, contains no additives. This is one of my favorites!

* SALT-FREE! SPIKE® 5 HERB MAGIC! This fragrant blend of sweet basil, oregano, marjoram, thyme and rosemary is my other favorite pick from Spike.

*SALT-FREESPIKE® LEMON PEPPER MAGIC! This is was my grandfather's favorite because it has a zesty  lemon and white pepper taste with 17 other flavorful, all-natural ingredients.

*SPIKE® ONION MAGIC!100% salt-free onion powder combined with 9 delicious all-natural ingredients.  This is a good one for cooking soups.

Spike would make an ideal stocking stuffer for anyone who wants to stay away from salt or gluten, or to add a little bit of flavor into their cooking! You can find spike at most grocery and health food stores.  You can also order here.
*product provided for review purposes


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