Monday, November 1, 2010

Math Rider Review

MathRider Math Game Package
MathRider is designed to help elementary school kids practice and master addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.
The software takes kids on various quests, all the while learning where they are at in the fundamental arithmetic skills.  It then hones in on what needs to be practiced, with rewards and animations that match their levels of mastery.

I looked over the games and thought they were engaging for all levels.  I love how the rider on the horse slows down when you slow down so that it's just at the right pace for each child.   
My daughter was instantly engaged but quickly got frustrated.  She is only five so we turned it off and worked together on memorizing some addition facts.  When we put the game back on a few days later she felt more confident and enjoyed plaing some of the easier addition games.  
*You will know when your child has completely mastered an operation. And more importantly, your child will know it, too!

*This is the fastest way to mastery of all four math operations. The artificial intelligence rehearses what is needed most, at a rate that is tailored to each player.
*The game recognises and rewards improvement, not just perfection. This builds confidence and propels children naturally towards complete mastery.
*Noble quests exemplify positive values such as family, caring, honesty and kindness.

This has worked wonders with quite a few kids, who, having rescued the princess, suddenly realized that they were now "masters of addition" or whatever operation they were playing. You can try it out or buy it here.

 Disclaimer: This post was written for Family Review Network amd Math Rider who provided the complimentary product for review in exchange for my honest review.


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