Monday, November 22, 2010

Imagination Movers Nina from Hawaii

Imagination Movers, on Playhouse Disney, features four talented guys, a cute warehouse mouse, and Hawaii's own Wendy Calio who plays the loveable and energetic Nina on Imagination Movers. Wendy was born and grew up here on Oahu, Hawaii. 

We have enjoyed watching this show but now more than ever since by daughter met Nina and now dances at her studio.
Yes, Nina (Wendy Calio) has a dance studio here in Hawaii called Pas De Deux.  It is in Waipahu and is everything pink, girly, and fabulous.  There are are also some talented instructors and dancers who work there.  It will be fun to see her at Pas De Deux when she takes a break from Imagination Movers and comes home to Hawaii for Christmas!

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