Monday, November 22, 2010

Garden Of Life Gluten Immunity Supplements

Garden of Life Immune Balance™ Sinus
To thrive in our modern world, proper immune system function is critical. The human immune system works constantly to defend the body against all kinds of environmental attacks—a highly complex "security system" designed to protect us. This system, located mostly in our blood and digestive tract, is designed to identify and eliminate invaders. It does this by producing protective cells and compounds such as antibodies, T-cells, B-cells, macrophages, and Natural Killer cells. If the immune system is out of balance it can over-respond or under-respond. Keeping the immune system balanced is critical for maintaining extraordinary health.
Garden of Life® Immune Balance formulas combine ancient wisdom with modern science to provide multidimensional support for your immune system. Your body's immune system is multidimensional—it needs multidimensional support—Immune Balance from Garden of Life.  
I have a little space in one of my cabinets that I keep my supply of immunity products, like vitamin C and mushrooms.  I am impressed with GOL's new immunity products and love how they tailor each one to fit the individual.  They have a Yeast, Gluten, Sinus, Daily, and Rapid formula to choose from.    
Are you Gluten intolerant or do you have gluten sensitivity?  Lots of people do.  Now you can have immunity that is specifically formulated for people who need to stay away from Gluten.
Immune Balance™ Gluten FREEze from Garden of Life is a dynamic, broad-spectrum enzyme, probiotic and targeted nutrient formula that provides multidimensional immune and digestive support for the gluten and dairy-free lifestyle. Proper digestive and immune function is the cornerstone of good health—especially for those on restricted diet programs. Gluten FREEze™ is one-of-a-kind, complete support for those committed to a gluten and dairy-free way of life. Immune Balance™ Gluten FREEze™ also features Vitamin Code® RAW folic acid, RAW vitamin B12, RAW vitamin D3, RAW iron and RAW calcium, to provide essential nutrients typically deficient in those on gluten-free diets and to support healthy red blood cells.

I like the Gluten a lot but my favorite is their Immune Balance™ Rapid from Garden of Life which provides multidimensional support at the onset.† Formulated with AP-Bio™—a proprietary form of biologically standardized
Andrographis paniculata—Immune Balance™ Rapid works naturally to support your body’s native defense systems through cold-weather season or anytime you feel less than your extraordinary self.
AP-Bio™ is a proprietary form of Andrographis paniculata—a traditional botanical used for centuries in Ayurvedic medicine. In a randomized double-blind placebo-controlled five day clinical trial conducted in the US on 223 subjects, AP-Bio™ was shown effective in supporting nasal, sinus, throat and respiratory health; supporting the mechanisms that regulate the body’s temperature; and reducing malaise/fatigue and occasional sleep disturbances.
Immune Balance™ Rapid also delivers whole food vitamin C; Vitamin Code® zinc and selenium; elderberry, Amla berry, ginger and olive leaf—ingredients renowned for their immune-supporting properties.
Immune Balance™ Rapid Benefits:
  • Supports Nasal and Throat Health
  • Supports Sinus and Respiratory Health
  • Reduces Malaise and Fatigue
  • Reduces Occasional Sleep Disturbances
  • Supports the Mechanisms that Regulate the Body's Temperature
  • Supports Glutathione Production, the Body’s Own Antioxidant
I feel wonderful while taking it. Also, it was interesting how I have been around a lot of coughing and sneezing people this past month and never caught anything.  This will definitely be a keeper in my pantry. Immune Balance™ Rapid from Garden of Life® - multidimensional immune support is my pick at the onset of feeling anything less than your extraordinary self.
Immune Balance Rapid


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