Saturday, November 6, 2010

Ella Wrap eco friendly gift giving bags

ecoWrap wrapping ideas
I am smitten with these eco gift bags. Wouldn't you love to get a special gift wrapped in this beautiful bag.  It's a present in itself!  The only problem is which to choose.  I have already picked my top five favorites!
ellaWrap_Home_Holiday_1stylish gift bags
No Waste!
No rolls of paper, no tape, tissue or rolls of ribbon. No matching, no cutting to fit, folding or measuring. Open your ellaWrap, slip in your gift, tie the ribbon…and you’re done!

Giving shouldn’t be wasteful. We all endeavor to be more eco-conscious in our daily lives. Ella Wraps are the smart, sustainable, time- and money-saving alternative to paper gift wrapping. With ellaWraps, the eco-benefits endure, because they are meant to be re-used from one occasion to the next, for years to come.

Start a new family tradition.
Change starts with this small step – start a new tradition in your family by using ellaWraps for gift-giving celebrations and holidays. Just one ellaWrap, passed along over the years, can preserve our natural resources, while also providing a way to preserve your memories – each ellaWrap comes with a gift journal to record the special memories from each gift-giving occasion.
Ella Wraps are a Mom's Best Bets for Gifts!

*product provided for review purposes


  1. Oooo I love this idea! The Christmas red polka dot one is my favorite.

  2. Cute - I hadn't seen these before!

  3. @I'm Tatom and Charissa-I am use mine to bring a few of my daughter's toys to church or out to dinner-it's so cute!


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