Saturday, October 2, 2010

Feeling Younger with Neo Cell

NeoCell Corporation has provided consumers worldwide with effective collagen-based products for improved health, pain management and anti-aging.
They also make Resveratrol.  The health benefits of red grapes, have been known for many of years and now have been rediscovered through Resveratrol.  It is a natural product that is formulated with the healthful nutrients from Muscadine grapes, red wine, French grapevine and grape seed extracts; these are the best known sources of resveratrol.

NeoCell's Resveratrol Antioxidant is a powerful blend of trans-resveratrol from Organic Muscadine grapes and vine from the south of France. Studies have shown trans-resveratrol to be beneficial for cardio-vascular health, cancer treatment, diabetes, and obesity.

There carry the pill form and also a liquid.
You can find NeoCell's Collagen and Resveratrol products at and  as well as many other sites.
*product provided for review purposes.


  1. Hi. My name is Abby and I work for I'm just stopping by because I wanted to thank you for mentioning our company in your blog post. :)

  2. I prefer liquid form. Great review.


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