Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sockwa: Extra Skin for your Feet

Sockwa. Tread Earth Lightly.
Living in Hawaii, I have learned it's important to protect your feet.  My feet are always exposed to the elements, be it hot sand, the ocean, or slippery rocks.  There is also venomous  Wana and sharp coral  here that you don't want to step on when exploring the reef.   Sockwa is a stylish way to protect your tootsies from every imaginable environment and terrain.

This is me climbing some rocks to get to a secret tide pool
The Sockwa Amphibian, the Sockwa Dojo, and the Original Sockwa Playa are their styles that combine ultra-thin sole technology with stretchable, form fitting uppers
I tried the Naked Amphibian and Pink Playa Sockwa shoes.  The Naked Amphibian is a true indoor/outdoor second skin.

Both Sockwa styles feel like a sock, especially the Playa.  I use the Playa on grass, sand and in the pool.  The Amphibian I wear for exploring the reef because it has a thicker TPU sole.
It is a breathable mesh, and fleece throughout.
Breathable, Crushable, and Washable. This is a Mom's Best Bets
**Please note that the sizing on Amphibians run small, so please choose 1/2 - 1 size larger than most shoes for a comfortable fit.

The Pink Playa is a much thinner and flexible shoe with cutting edge engineering and avant-garde SoCal design, the original Sockwa Playa Lo-Cut has blossomed into the most comfortable and sexy beach shoe in the world. It is light enough to wear around the house but protective enough to wear to the beach as well.  The Playa is my favorite for comfort, fit, and style!  However, the Amphibian is a close second because the thicker sole makes it a better pick for activities that you would need this added benefit.


  1. Brilliant! I love the color pink, but I like the look of the other ones.

  2. Joy R3FitShow - The Amphibians come in Pink too! Check them out here:


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