Friday, September 10, 2010

Rock and Learn Phonics DVD Review

Music is a powerful tool for learning!  It is amazing how when information is set to a tune, it allows you to make a mnemonic device that sticks in your memory.  Okay, I will stop the teacher talk, but this technique needs to be used more, especially with older children. 
I recently sang the "months of the year" to my daughter.  By the second day she knew every month because she could sing the song.

Rock'n Learn DVD's knows how to captivate children with song.
Rock ’N Learn programs help students learn math, phonics, reading, early childhood, social studies, Spanish, test-taking strategies, writing, and science. Their DVDs are filled with cool music and colorful imagery.
They have won many awards- Dr. Toy and Parents Choice to name a few.

I am so excited to have been able to review and now share with you about their Phonics DVD'sPracticing the phonics skills can now be  fun.   There are cool songs and humorous characters.   I like that the child can control the pace and that there is a delayed response to give them time to answer.

Students learn phonics rules through fun songs and word families. Next, they practice their skills by reading simple phrases using words that rhyme. When ready, students apply the skills they have learned to read complete sentences and stories. The read-along stories on this DVD are presented at a slow pace for beginning readers. As students practice, they also work on fluency by singing along with songs about the stories.  A bonus section presents the stories at a normal pace to help students learn to read fluently.

They have DVD's appropriate from age 2 to beyond age 10
These phonics videos pictured above are for ages 6 and up.  My daughter has learned some great new skills this week thanks to Rock and Learn!
Approx. 70 minutes.
Phonics Volume 1 and 2 sells for $34.99
*Product provided for review purposes.  This review is part of the FRN campaign.  All opinions are Mom's Best Bets.


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