Thursday, September 23, 2010

Mysterious Islands DVD Review

The Mysterious Islands DVD
By: Douglas W. Phillips, Dr. John Morris, Joshua Phillips

Join in on a journey to the Galapagos with 16-year-old Joshua Phillips, his father, and Dr. John Morris as they dispel the Darwin theory and prove the biblical creation account. This documentary is a 90 minute expedition with beautiful footage of  sharks, lava fields, iguanas, and many other stunning nature shots. They use the word "adapted" not "evolved" to explain the changes in the animals there.   In one piece they looked at finches and stated that: "Clearly the finches have "adapted," but that simply doesn't constitute evidence for evolution, since the changes haven't even crossed the species barrier. The finches are still finches. Most of these 13 species couldn't be classified as "separate species" under the standard definition of "species." Referring to them as various sub-species' is more accurate, negating the evolutionists' efforts to deduce macro-evolution from mere adaptation."

My whole family enjoyed this educational film that supports that there is a creator and that we were all fearfully and wonderfully made. 


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